December 07, 2016

Review of Brother DCP-T500W Printer

I guess when you have a computer at home, it is automatic that you also buy a printer. It is very significant especially if you are working or if you have kids who are in school. It is very helpful in printing documents, e-ticket, itineraries, or school homework and projects.

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I have two printers at home, one for scanning and one for printing. If you remember my post five years ago, I bought a 3-in-1 printer because the old printer was broken but I was not happy about it. Three years ago, my husband replaced my laptop and it has a FREE printer (no scanner) so I’ve been using it for printing.

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They are still working fine but I’ve been meaning to have a new printer with Bluetooth or wifi access. I even joined the Brother contest last 2014 but I did not win the special prize, free 2015 calendar lang. Hehehe!

We live in a small home so space is very important, so I just want to have one printer that can do everything. But the problem is, the 3-in-1 wireless network printer is not cheap so I was really hesitant to buy it. The two 3-in-1 printers that I bought before wala pa P4000 and Brother DCP-T500W is P9450. Waah! 

So it took me months of thinking if I will buy it or not, I’ve been asking my friend’s feedback too, she bought this printer a few months ago. She is satisfied so finally last month we bought Brother DCP-T500W at P8950. They have a FREE BPI Gift Card promo worth P1000 until December 31, 2016. 

DCP-T500W (Print/Scan/Copy) 3-in-1 

Wireless Network-ready Color Inkjet MFC

Print speed: up to 11ipm (mono) and 6ipm (color) - Laser comparable 
                    27ppm (mono) and 10ppm (color) - fast mode 
Print resolution: up to 1,200 x 6,000 dpi 
Paper Tray: Up to 100 sheets 
Wireless LAN & Mobile Printing 1 Line LCD 

Brother Philippines DCP-T500W Printer Review 

I’m not a tech blogger so I can’t give you a full review but I can tell you that I’m very much satisfied with our printer. Find out why?

1. It is a 3-in-1 printer so I can print, scan and copy. 
2. It is wireless network ready so I can print and scan without connecting my laptop to my printer. I can print and scan also using my mobile phone, I just downloaded an app to do that. 

Before, my husband always sends me his files like e-tickets and hotel confirmations to print because his company laptop has no access to our home printer. But now, he can print it on his own using his mobile phone (app). 

Whenever I browse recipes online, I always see the click print button. Now, I’m happy to say that I’m enjoying that feature even though I’m just using my mobile phone. Printing is easy as 1, 2, 3.

3. The paper tray can hold up to 100 sheets and can print up to 200gsm paper. I can also adjust the paper tray according to my paper size or even photo paper size. Yes, I can print photos.

4. I like the refilling tank system of Brother DCP-T500W because the refill is only P390 and according to the packaging, it can print 6000 pages. I hope it is true because I always print worksheets and reviewer. Before I’m using ink cartridges, the ink is not cheap too. It cost me almost P1700 for the black and colored ink and because my printer is an old model, pahirapan sa paghanap ng ink.

I’ve been using this printer for almost a month and I’m still discovering and learning how to use the other features. I will just update this post.

Update July 2018: I've been using our printer since November 2017 and just this month, I saw a prompt that my Cyan ink is low. After 19 months, ngayon lang ko bumili ng ink. The ink is P390 for one bottle but there was a promo. I bought the 3-in-1 pack for P970. I saved P200. Refilling is also easy. So I guess, my investment in this printer is worth it, sulit ang ink. 

Update July 2019 Nagamit ko na rin yung Free Black Ink. 

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Update February 2021

Checking this post, July 2018 pa yung last refill ko, so it's been 31 months na pala. Sulit talaga ang Brother sa ink. Yesterday, we just replaced the Cyan ink. I don't know what is the mall price of the ink pero I'm guessing na nagmahal na after 3 years so I just bought another set of ink online. I bought this at Lazada and it arrived in good condition naman. PHP1589 for 4 bottles of ink

Since last year, I've been printing a lot of cards and stickers, I'm using 200 gsm paper and hirap si Brother ifeed yung paper. (hit and miss) And when I'm printing stickers (photo paper sticker),  madalas may roller marks so I'm currently searching for a new printer na pwede for card and sticker. 

Update: September 2022

Our Brother printer is not working anymore, we did not call customer service and we just bought a new one. Since I am having problems when I am printing photo paper, I decided to buy a different brand so I am now using Canon G4010, I wanted the G6070 sana para 6 inks na but it was not available and ayaw ko na magpre-order kasi sira na nga yung Brother. 


  1. When I was still single and living with my parents, super essential ang printer for us! Especially when I am still doing my thesis! Grabe. Print, revise, print. Ang gastos sa ink and papers. But I am thankful that we have printer at home kasi mas mabilis ko nagagawa ang mga dapat gawin instead na aalis pa para magpa-print sa computer shops. We don't have desktop computer yet. I only use laptop for my work and for blogging and minimal browsing. But I am pretty sure that when my kids are already studying at school, we will be purchasing our printer for our home rin. :D Brother printers are good ah. Ang alam ko ito nga ang brand na pinaka-magandang quality for printers.

    1. True, magastos sa ink kaya I replaced the old printer para makatipid ako. Mas mura kasi ink nitong Brother and mas marami pa. I hope tumagal nga itong printer namin at di siya mura. hehehe!

  2. That's the same printer I used at work before. Hassle free connection. I mentioned it to husband but then he disagreed to buy a unit. Tama nga naman sya. We still have a printer cum scanner and copier so why the need to buy one. What I love about Brothers is that I find its ink so sulit talaga.

    1. Yes, hassle-free talaga. Sulit nga sa ink, that's why we replaced the old one even it is working kasi ang mahal ng ink and mabilis maubos.

  3. When I can have the budget for a printer, I will go look for you! haha. This one looks expensive pero if you compare the advantages, mukhang isang bultuhan lang ang bayad. Ako mahilig din ako mag print pero since we don't have a printer yet, talagang, I print only what's important. Gusto ko sana ako na mag print ng pics, I'm sure mas makakamura ako pag ganun.

    1. Agree, sa umpisa lang yung mabigat pero savings na sa huli. Unlike nung old printer ko, mura lang pero ang mahal ng ink.

  4. I've never used a Brother printer before. This one looks like a great buy! I already have a 3-in-1 printer/scanner/copier now but it's not wireless or wifi ready. I'd love to have a wireless one. There's already too many wires surrounding my work area.

    1. Wifi ready is really nice especially now that people love to use mobile phone.

  5. ang problem ko dito is ang hirap mag back to back. minsan finefeed nya is 2-3 pages kaya yung nasa likod ng page 2 is page 7. nangyayari din ba yan sayo?

    1. Ay hindi ko pa natry na back to back puro scratch paper na kasi gamit ko kaya one side lang lagi. Pero recently naexperience ko din na 2-3 pages ang nafeed na paper para sa isang page, so putol-putol naman.

  6. Bkit ang sa akin ayaw kumain ng photo paper...?

    1. Hindi ko pa natry ang photo paper pero I have a friend na nakakapagprint naman using photo paper. Same kami ng printer.

  7. Just got one second hand today for 5k, and I was looking for reviews or any details about this printer. Nabasa ko itong article nyo and I can see I made a choice na worth it. Hopefully maging kasing tagal ng sa inyo magiging gamit ko dito. More power for providing information about this printer!