February 15, 2017

2 Days in Singapore

Time flies so fast, a few days from now, we’ll be celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary and 10 years ago we celebrated our first wedding anniversary in Singapore. It was a last minute decision. I booked this flight almost two months before our travel trip. 

I have to change status and renew my passport because my passport is still under my single name. Good thing I was able to renew my passport and got my passport, two weeks before our trip. This was not my first time to go out of the country but I was still excited because this was the first out of the country together with my hubby.   

Day 1 Manila to Singapore 

There is no time difference between Singapore and Manila. I brought USD and good thing there’s money changer inside the airport. It was past 12AM already so we took a cab to get to our hotel, I already forgot the name. lol! The taxi fare is around 32 SGD, which is very expensive for my budget. 

Due to limited time, I did not do any research and I just booked a hotel without considering the location. I did not know that it is located in Little India, it is athree-starr hotel so I did not expect so much. All we need is a decent room with private bathroom since we will be out the whole day. 

After check-in, we immediately took a nap before we start our Singapore tour. Because of the flight schedule, we only have two whole days to enjoy SG. 

Day 1 Evening flight to Singapore 

Day 2 Singapore City Tour, Singapore Zoo + Night Safari 
Day 3 Orchard Road + Sentosa  
Day 4 Early morning flight to Manila 

Day 2 Singapore City Tour, Singapore Zoo + Night Safari 

After eating our complimentary breakfast we went out to look for travel and tours agency. There were tour packages posted in our hotel but we still went out and look for other options. I did not have any itinerary so I really had no idea how to get to the tourist spots. After spending 32SGD for just one taxi ride, we thought that it is cheaper to avail tour packages. 

Singapore City Tour  

Four our first package, we availed Half Day Singapore City Tour. We visited Esplanade Theater, Merlion, Chinatown, Botanic Garden, Souvenir Shops and Little India.  It was a quick trip to each attraction.  

After the city tour, we immediately look for a restaurant where we could eat our lunch because our next itinerary is Singapore Zoo at 1PM.

Singapore Zoo + Night Safari  

Singapore Zoo is one of the must-see in Singapore, there are several shows and attractions available in the zoo. There is also feeding time which you can participate for a fee. It is very different compared to other zoos that we have visited because they have “open concept”. How I wish we have this kind of zoo in the country.  

Singapore Zoo is so big and since we were on a group tour we were not able to explore the whole zoo. Of course, we need to follow the tour guide. 

After SG Zoo, we immediately fell in line at Night Safari even the gate was not yet open. We took an early dinner while waiting so we can ride the first tram. I also booked this tour to see the nocturnal animals. You can explore the park via walking trails or tram. Of course, we choose the tram because we no longer have the energy to walk. 

There are shows but we only watched the Creatures of the Night Show which we also enjoyed. We bought Ben & Jerry’s ice cream before leaving.   

Day 3 Orchard Road + Sentosa Tour

Yesterday trip was really tiring hence we decided not to book any morning tour so we could sleep and rest. Since we have no itinerary after breakfast, we decided to explore SG by commuting. We want to experience the MRT of Singapore. 

Most of the shopping malls were closed because it’s Chinese New Year so we really have nothing to do except to walk and take pictures. 

Sentosa Tour

After lunch, we checked out early and left our luggage in the reception area. Then off we went to Sentosa Island. I just booked Sentosa Tour Package and I have no idea that we will ride a cable car. From Mount Faber, we need to ride the cable car to get to Sentosa Island. This was our first time to ride in cable car so I was a little bit excited but really scared. I’m afraid of heights so I really tried my best not to look down. It was a very long ride for me and I was glad I survived. 

Itinerary for the day: Mount Faber, Underwater World (closed), Images of Singapore and Musical Fountain. 

Images of Singapore is a museum where we spend most of our time, we’re so busy taking pictures and we had no idea that our group members were already waiting for us. We’re the second to the last group na lumabas. Kahiya! Cause of delay pa. That is really the downside of availing group tour you can’t manage your own time. 

Underwater World is their version of Ocean Park; it was small compared to our very own Manila Ocean Park

We missed the Musical fountain because we need to leave early so we would not miss our flight. We left Sentosa and went back to our hotel to get our luggage. We took a taxi on our way to the airport to catch out evening flight. That was really a short trip so I promised myself that we will go back to Singapore. Check below our trip last 2014 and 2016. 

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  1. Happy Anniversary, Michi and Hubby. I would also like to visit Singapore someday with my husband. It's in my bucket list.

  2. Happy Anniversary Mommy Michi and Hubby! Been living here in Singapore for 5 years now and ang dami din naman talagang pwedeng puntahan at pasyalan dito. Very kid friendly ang city :).

    1. True! Thrice pa lang kami nakavisit so ang dami pa nasa list ko na pwede puntahan ng kids. I hope makabalik ulit bago magbinata anak ko. hehehe!

  3. That was a nice anniversary celebration. How I wish we can travel too for our 9th wedding anniversary this July. Hopefully, hehe.

    1. Yes, it is really nice to travel kung may budget lang lagi. :)