July 24, 2018

Don’t Forget to Secure Home Before Taking a Trip

It’s that time of year again. Time to pack your things, gather your family, and head off for a much-needed vacation. You’ve been planning for this trip all year, and you’re anxious to hit the road. Before you go, you should probably make sure that you’ve secured your home first. Imagine coming home after having a great time only to find that it has been burglarized, vandalized, or caught on fire? You may not be able to control the inevitable, but you can do your part to reduce your risks. Here’s how:

Ask Someone You Trust for Help 

A vacant home is a prime opportunity for burglars to access your property and take whatever they’d like. To make your house less appealing, ask someone you trust to keep an eye on things. It can be a neighbor, family member, or friend. Simply let them know you’re going away and ask if they’ll watch the house. They may choose to stay at your place while you’re gone or opt to drive by periodically to take a glance at things. Either way, there’s someone constantly accessing your home, therefore, reducing the likelihood that a thief would be interested in breaking in.

Hold Your Mail 

There are various signs thieves look for to determine which property they’ll target. One of those signs is a full mailbox or packages left outside the door. If you plan on being gone for more than a day or two, you should probably put your mail on hold. You can contact your local post office to find out how. If you’re unable to or would prefer not to go that route, you can ask a neighbor or family member to retrieve mail for you.

Insure Your Property 

Some things that could go wrong while you’re on vacation are completely out of your control and unforeseen. Natural disasters, for instance, can happen in an instant. To protect your house and personal belongings you should have property insurance. This way, if the house catches fire, floods, gets burglarized or experiences some other disaster, you can receive funds to replace what was lost or damaged. You can find cheap apartment renters insurance or homeowners insurance online and have coverage the same day.

Alert Your Home Security Company 

If you have a home security system that comes with monitoring services, this can provide you with added peace of mind while on vacation. Not only should you make sure that your alarm is armed when you leave your home, but you should also notify the security company that you will be away. When aware of your destination, agents know to be on high alert if your alarm should go off. They won’t hesitate to contact the local authorities on your behalf.

Do Some Yard Work 

Another sign that nobody is home is an unkempt lawn. Before going on your trip you should tend to your lawn maintenance. Cut the grass, prune the trees, trim the hedges, and secure all the lawn equipment in the shed or house for safe keeping.

Lock the Garage 

Here’s a big safety point that a lot of homeowners forget. When you pull out of the garage be sure to lock it behind you. This is especially true for garages that allow easy access to the rest of the house.

You deserve to get away from your everyday life. To spend some quality time with your family. You also deserve to come home to a house that’s intact. If you really want to enjoy yourself on this trip, before taking flight, it is imperative that you follow these safety tips and secure your home.

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