December 03, 2018

5 Tips to Keep Your Home Clutter-Free

No one wants their homes to be too stuffy as it can be suffocating and you will not feel comfortable inside it. To help keep your home clutter-free, here are some tips you can follow.

1. Do some spring cleaning regularly 

This has to be something that you form into a habit. Try to always see if there are things you can give away, throw away, or even sell.

2. Have enough storage areas tucked all over the house

If you are still having a hard time getting rid of all your knick-knacks and such, you just need to place them in the house in such a way that they will not look too congested. Not all your souvenirs from your travels have to be placed on one shelf. You can scatter them in strategic places all over the house and they can even make for an interesting conversation piece when you have guests all over. Try to have a variety of storage options, and see if some pieces can multitask. Such as an ottoman, which can serve as a stool but also where you can place some rugs or scarfs for storage.

3. Keep your kitchen clean 

The kitchen is one of those places in the house where, if it is not cleaned and maintained, even in just one area, it would be really awful and dirty. A dirty kitchen can attract flies, cockroaches, and other insects. And, if there is a pest infestation, you need to hire an experienced company like Aptive pest control MI for the effective removal of such nasties. 

To make sure that does not happen, make it a habit to clean up regularly. Never leave unwashed dishes on the sink. If you do not want to be overwhelmed with all the cleanup after a meal, you can start washing the pots and pans, and the countertops while you are waiting for the meal to cook. You can view this article if you want more tips to keep your kitchen spic and span, including information on how to clean your fridge like a pro and more.

4. Only buy what you need 

It may be tempting to go on a shopping spree especially when you chance upon big discounts, but unless you are sure that the item is something that you would absolutely be using soon, then do not buy it right away. If you don't really entertain people at home for example, why would you buy a dinner set for a dozen people? This is true not just for kitchen stuff but even for your groceries as well. You don't need a dozen of the same item when it will not be used right away. You might find that it has already passed the expiration date when you use it, and you only would have wasted your money. Only buy whatever it is you need and not because you just like how it looks.

5. One in, one out 

If you will buy something for the house, or even just a piece of clothing, try to follow the principle of one in, one out. For every new thing you buy, try to get rid of one old thing. This way, your house will not have too much stuff in it and it will not feel too cluttered.

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