January 10, 2019

How to Get Free Montelukast Kastair EZtab Medicine

My son has been nursing colds since October, nakailang punta na kami ng pedia pero hindi nawawala. We gave him cold medicine, antibiotic and nasal spray pero ganun pa rin. So pabalik-balik kami sa pedia, then last November. The doctor said, my son has acute rhinitis so he prescribed Montelukast and Saline Nasa Spray.

My son needs to take this medicine for two months and we all know that Montelukast is not cheap. The doctor gave a brochure to my husband, para daw makatipid kami sa medicine. My husband fill-out the form and submitted it to the doctor. And because of the said promo, my husband only bought 30 tablets. After few days, he received a call regarding the free medicine. He also received a message.
“In CAN program, we are promoting the compliance of your child in taking his/her asthma medication. And as a member of this program we are offering you this promo: Buy 20 tabs + FREE 10 tabs. Simply send your purchase receipts (whole receipt from top to bottom) thru viber with this number or email at (insert email). And we will deliver your free medicine. It can be cumulative receipts but this offer is not applicable on top of other discounts. Thank you!” 
Nov. 23 - he sent the receipts thru Viber.
Dec. 5 - this is the only time that they replied on our Viber message.
“Good day! This is to inform you that we have received your receipt, we will now process your free medicines. Thank you!” 
One week had passed and we did not receive anything hanggang sa naubos na lang yung 30 tablets so we bought the remaining 30 tablets and kinalimutan na namin yung FREE medicines.

Dec. 28 - Xend messaged my husband asking for a landmark at may idedeliver daw sila.

My husband asked me kung ano inorder ko and I said, wala naman ko order and bakit sayo naman magmessage, dapat sa akin kung order ko. Then I told him, baka yan na yung FREE medicine. After few hours, Xend came and the package is under my son’s name. So I was correct, nadeliver na rin yung free medicine.

So we received 10 FREE Montelukast medicine and save P257.50. My son is still sneezing every morning and evening so I don’t know if we still need to continue this medicine, next week na mag-end yung 60 tablets niya. Let see, after our check-up again.

If you are taking this medicine, better ask your doctor for this promo or program so you can also get free medicines.

Update: February 7, 2019 

We received another 10 FREE Montelukast medicine after we sent the receipt last month so more than a month talaga bago maprocessed and madeliver ang free medicine.

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