June 01, 2020

Hello June

Just like that, we’ve reached the half of the year 2020. Time flies so fast even I’m confined inside our home. It is Day 79 of community quarantine and first day of GCQ or General Community Quarantine. It is now more relaxed but I’m still scared to go out because we haven’t flattened the curve. The number of covid19 cases is still increasing and we don’t know how long this battle will be.

June is the month of opening of classes but it was moved to August because of the pandemic. Though I already enrolled my son last January, (early enrollment) I’m still contemplating whether to skip or not to skip this school year. If I will switch to homeschooling or stay with our present school. There are so many things to be considered but for now, we’ll wait for more information.

This year 2020 is a heartbreaking year for me but I pray that God will sustain me. I still hope that there is light after darkness, there is rainbow after the storm and there is joy after tears. So I will welcome June with open arms and hoping that this time it will be a good month.

Anyway, I’ve created 12 Instagram Graphics “Hello June” which is free to download. Click here to download it. It is available in white and pink background.

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