November 09, 2021

Gift Idea: Mr. Green Manicure Set

Christmas is fast approaching. Have you started your holiday shopping? Well, it’s never too early to start buying your holiday gifts, especially now that we still have the COVID19 scare. It is a little bit hard to buy gifts in the mall so it is better to take advantage of the biggest sale every year such as the 11.11 Sale and Black Friday Sale

If you are still looking for gifts for your family, relatives, friends or your partner, I highly suggest the Mr. Green Manicure Set, this is a nice present not only this Christmas but you can also give this on birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, mother’s days, father’s day Valentine’s Day or any special occasions. 

Actually, I already have my own Three Seven Manicure Set (777) which I got from our company exchange gift. It was part of my wish list but I did not expect na bibilhin ng nakabunot sa akin because the price is way beyond our PHP500 budget. I am thankful when he gave me this because it is a very useful gift and I bring it whenever I travel. I’ve been using this for almost two decades na so it looks so old.

Three Seven is a company in Korea that has been producing the world’s top nail clippers and manicure sets since 1975. So it is not surprising that it lasted for so many years but it is no longer complete so I’ve been looking for a replacement. I bought an affordable manicure set before but I wasn’t able to use it because it is not sharp so it is just a waste of money. 

So I was happy when I learned about Mr. Green, this was supposed to be my gift for myself this coming Christmas but I could not wait anymore so I bought it last month for PHP1549 + Vouchers. Mr. Green is a manufacturer of professional beauty tools for more than 10 years already. 

From what I’ve read, Mr. Green is also a product of Solingen Germany, and Solingen is known as the leading brand of finest and best products in Germany. The company produces professional knives, scissors, and manicure products. Solingen is a name of a place in Germany which is also called “City of Blades”.

In addition, my cookwares are Solingen too and I’ve been using it for 15 years already. It was one of my treasured wedding gifts because my aunt shipped them from Germany pa talaga. There is an engraved CS Solingen Designed in Germany at the bottom of my cookwares. So sold na agad ako nung nalaman ko na Solingen din ang may gawa ng Mr. Green.

The price is a little bit expensive but it is worth the investment because it is made of medical-grade high-end stainless steel. It is sharp and never rusts. I also love the pink stripe leather cover made of high-grade PU leather. The manicure set includes a stainless steel toenail clipper, nail clipper, cuticle clipper, side edge knife (trim dead skin), cuticle pusher, glass nail file, and tweezers. It comes with a gift box pa so hindi ka mahihirapan ipanregalo. 

I’m so happy with my Mr. Green Manicure Set 7pcs so I’m planning to buy another set for my husband. Yes, they have a manicure set for men too though it is a bit more expensive. But it is better to have our own nail care kit for health purposes. Mr. Green has an official store in Shopee and Lazada so just check their promos. 

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