January 13, 2022

DIY Christmas Cardinal Ornaments Using Acrylic

Christmas is supposed to be “the most wonderful time of the year” but for some of us, this season only highlights our pains. Last year, we lost my uncle-in-law and aunt-in-law and I can’t imagine the pain of my cousins-in-law who lost their parents in a span of one month. I have no idea that I will make another memorial ornament and it is just so sad to think that since year 2018, we are losing someone we love. You can really feel their absence, especially during our reunions. Just like that our lives are never the same. 

In memory of those who left us too soon, I made another Memorial Christmas Ornament and I also upgraded my first memorial ornament. Two years ago, I used sticker paper and wooden blanks but I know that the sticker won’t last so I decided to change it and add phototop. 

Acrylic Ornament Blanks 
Vinyl Sticker Paper 

The process is the same as the Acrylic Holiday Ornaments that I shared in my previous post. I always work smart not hard so I used ready-made graphics and I just tweak the designs so there would be space for the name and date. I used the following digital files for my Memorial Ornaments. 

After editing the files, I uploaded them to Cricut Design Space for printing and cutting. Then layered everything on my acrylic blanks and add ribbons. I made a few pieces of these ornaments so I shipped some to my mom. Even though our loved ones can’t be with us anymore, at least kahit sa ornaments man lang maging part sila ng Christmas. 

By the way, I always hear “When cardinals are here, angels are near” so I made some research. As per my research, cardinal birds hold a special meaning. They are messengers from heaven to let you know that your loved ones are watching over you. They are signs that those we’ve lost will live forever if we keep their memory in our hearts. 

"You’re still so alive in our hearts that sometimes my brain forgets you’ve left this earth." 

"It’s okay not to be okay, even on the holidays." 

"The grief doesn’t get less, my dear, you just get stronger." - Zoe Clark Coates 

"I cry for the life you lived and the one you didn’t". 

"Each day within me I fight a silent battle of surviving yet another day without you." - Narin Grewal

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