July 26, 2022

Hiking Adventure at Synnørsfjellet Mountain

Time flies and our summer vacation is about to end at parang hindi ko siya naramdaman because I spent most of my days at home. I’m back to my routine life so I’m kinda missing our nature tripping when we were in Norway so let me share a throwback post. 

For the past five years, my mom was persuading me to climb Synnørsfjellet but my answer is always NO because I’m not really into hiking. Having a sedentary life, I know that my body will ache after hiking so bakit ko pa papahirapan sarili ko. I still can’t forget our "Angel of Peace" experience. 

But two months ago, I finally gave in and we climbed Synnørsfjellet. It just so happened that my youngest sister was home for a visit and wanted to climb the small mountain. So my mom, my son, my sister, and I traveled to Garten for a hiking adventure. 

There is a car park near Gartbrua where you can leave your car. I mentioned in my “Trip to Garten” post that there are two ways to climb Synnørsfjellet, of course, I chose the easiest route. You can see the guide map at the parking lot too. 

Sharing some photos so you will get an idea of how child-friendly it is. My son and youngest sister reached the top without problem but my mom and I need to stop to catch our breath and recharge our energy. Lol When you reach the top, there is also a logbook where you can write your names (if you want). 

The weather was not good for the past few days so I’m happy that we were able to climb even though it was cloudy and windy. I am afraid of heights but still, I appreciate the great view. The mountain is only 74 meters above sea level but you can see Ørland landscapes, Garten, Storfosna, and Trondheimsfjord

“The best view comes after the hardest climb” 

Trivia: Synnørsfjellet has been part of World War I, it became a signal station for Agdenes fortress. This summit was occupied by Germans during World War II so when you climb the mountain, you can see traces of military activity.

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