August 04, 2022

Back to School: Start of Blended Learning

We only have few days left to savor our summer vacation because, on Monday, it is our first day of school. Two years of Online Distance Learning are over and now we are on Blended Learning, a combination of face-to-face and online classes. 

I’m not yet ready because… 

1. We’re still contemplating if my son will avail of school service or not because we were surprised by the price increase. We are aware of the fuel increase but an additional PHP2000 to the previous rate is too much for me. Since it is Blended Learning, my son will only go to school twice a week so I think PHP4900 is expensive. We asked for a discount rate since it is not 5 days a week pero hindi pa kami binalikan ng old school service niya. 

We already contacted a new school service that gave us a discounted rate but we haven’t confirmed my son’s slot yet. We are still giving a chance to the old school service kasi naman since Kinder, yun ang service niya. 

2. We don’t have a list of school supplies yet so I am still waiting for Orientation Day. 

3. Dahil two years na online classes, walang shoes anak ko. Nakauniform lang siya pero hindi na kita ang paa so no need na bumili. Hehehe! So after two school years, ngayon lang ulit kami bibili. We went to the mall a few weeks ago pero rubber shoes lang nabili namin but for black shoes, walang available sizes sa gusto namin na style. Good thing P.E. Uniform daw sa first day ng onsite class so we still have time to buy shoes. 

My son had his COVID19 Booster shot last month but honestly, I’m still nervous about their face-to-face class even though it is only two days a week. But I have no choice but to accept, hindi naman forever ang online classes, students need to go back to their normal routine din, just like in other countries. 

Anyway, I made this “First Day of Grade 8” school banner for my son and you can download the banner here if you want. 

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