October 18, 2022

How to Buy Travel Insurance for Philippines Travel Only

We love to travel but we don’t usually buy travel insurance because it is an additional cost to our budget. But after experiencing canceled flights, delayed flights, missed connecting flights, damaged luggage, and lost baggage, our perspective changed. And because of that, we make sure that we have travel insurance whenever we have international trips.

When it comes to domestic trips, we were having second thoughts because we live in the Philippines and we have insurance + health card naman. But after experiencing the global pandemic because of COVID-19 and the weather being so unpredictable, for the very first time, we purchased insurance "Philippines Travel Only" for our Cebu Trip

How to Buy Philippines Travel Insurance Online at Pacific Cross 

Just this year, I bought our travel insurance for our Europe and Asia trip at Pacific Cross so walang isip-isip pa, doon na rin ako bumili ng insurance for our domestic trip. Unlike sa Schengen Travel Insurance na one week bago ko nakabili, for our Asia and Philippines travel insurance pwede na online so I received my insurance after few minutes. 

1. Go to this link  

On this page, you can check the website, download a brochure, get a quote or buy now.  

2. Download the brochure to check the updated rates.  

Pacific Cross Travelsafe with COVID-19 has different plans, so it is up to you what plan you want. For Philippines Travel Only, here are the options. 

Executive Peso  
De Luxe Peso  
Privilege Peso  
Executive Dollar  
Executive De Luxe Plan 

For our 3 days trip, I chose the “Up to 4 Days” plan. Here are the rates for individuals and families. Since we are traveling as a family, I chose Family Rate to save money. The rate varies depending on the plan, destination, and days.  

Philippines Travel Only/Individual/Up to 4 Days 

Executive Peso PHP247 
De Luxe Peso PHP364 
Privilege Peso  PHP573 

Philippines Travel Only/Family/Up to 4 Days  

Executive Peso PHP598 
De Luxe Peso PHP883 
Privilege Peso PHP1399 

3. Click “Get a Quote” or “Buy Now”  
4. Enter your email address. 

Since this is my third time, after entering my email address and clicking next, it went straight to the Application form. No more validation emails.  

5. Then fill out the application form for the principal and family members.  
6. Read the Application Terms and Conditions. Click the tickbox and next.  
7. Review your Travelsafe Insurance Coverage Summary. Click I agree to this site’s Payment Terms and Conditions  
8. Pay via credit card or debit card  
9. After payment, you can now view/print the OCC, Terms, and Conditions, and Application Forms.  
10. You will also receive PDF files at your email address. 

Our flight to Cebu went smoothly but after several hours, we received an email from Philippine Airlines. 

“We would like to inform you that there are changes to your upcoming flight from Cebu (CEB) - Manila (MNL) due to adjustments in our flight operations. 

We apologize for the inconvenience brought about by the flight change. Please select your new flight option."

We just chose the next available flight. Our flight schedule was moved and our flight was delayed too so I checked our travel benefits for flight delay pero may minimum of 6 hours delay or flight difference so I cannot file anything since few hours lang yung flight difference and flight delay namin. But this is one of the reasons, why travel insurance is important because we never know what will happen during our trip.

Do you also buy travel insurance?

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