June 22, 2023

He Did It!

Finally, our school year is over and I won’t deny that I felt jealous when I saw the newsfeeds of my Facebook friends na nakabakasyon na, lalo na yung alam ko na kasabayan lang namin pumasok. I can’t help but asked “Bakit ang tagal naman ng school year na ito?” We started as early as August 8 so I was hoping na bakasyon na kami sa June like last year pero hindi. We don’t have travel plans naman pero gusto ko lang gumising ng hindi dahil sa tunog ng alarm clock. Hehehe! 

Anyway, yesterday was my son’s Recognition Day and it is one for the books because my son is part of the Overall Top and Gold Eagle Awardee. It is on his bucket list for the longest time to make it to the list but of course, it is not an easy journey. I know that the competition is hard especially if there are more or less 240 students in their grade level. 

Great achievement takes time, there is no overnight success. - Leo Tolstoy 

My husband and I never pressure him to be part of the top but we don’t want a failing grade. Last school year, he made it on the list for 3rd and 4th quarter only but now we’re happy that he is part of the overall top from 1st quarter until the final ranking. He got the 6th Honor and Gold Eagle Awardee. We’re so proud of him because his hard work paid off kahit minsan naiinis ako kasi mas marami time maggadgets kaysa mag-aral. 

If I remember right, when the third quarter came, my husband teased him that he will buy a new cellphone for him kung makakapaglakad siya sa red carpet. In our school, only overall top students + parents ang nakakapaglakad sa red carpet. The rest of the awardees, solo lang na naglalakad. Hehehe! And tinototoo naman ng anak ko and syempre, my husband bought a new cellphone. 

Also, we are glad because, after three years, we’re back to regular programming. We don’t have Face to Face or Virtual Recognition in the year 2020, we had Virtual Graduation in the year 2021 and Virtual Recognition in the year 2022. So yesterday was a moment to remember, dahil sa aming pagbabalik, nakapaglakad pa sa red carpet. We don’t know if it will ever happen again, not because I have no confidence in my son but like I said, I don’t want to pressure him, as long as he gives his best. Ang ayaw ko mangyari yung maburnout sa pag-aaral at tamarin na lalo na sa college years. 

Of course, I made a You Did It cake topper kahit hindi na naman kami nakabili ng cake. hehehe! I also made a card for him and for us. For us? Weird noh? During Recognition Practice, I read kasi na pinagdadala sila ng art materials so I asked why? My son said, gagawa daw sila ng Thank You Letter. Oh di ba, wala na surprise so gumawa na lang ako ng card and sabi ko doon na siya magsulat. And dahil hindi naman tinago ng anak ko yung card after sulatan, nabasa ko tuloy bago magRecognition so habang nag-iiyakan mga parents habang nagbabasa ng letter after Thanksgiving Song, kami ni hubby nagkatawanan na lang kasi nabasa na namin.

I used metal cutting dies, an embossing folder, and distress oxides for the card. For the cake topper, 3 layers of glitter and textured cardstock. The font is Klose Slab.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have a special celebration after Recognition because we had a scheduled appointment in the afternoon so after the event, we rushed to Makati for our appointment. We just ate at Pho Hoa in Makati kung saan may available na table. Lunchtime din kasi so punuan ang mga restaurants. Bawi na lang next time, sabay-sabay na para tipid celebration. Hehehe!

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