August 17, 2023

How to Get to Da Nang Vietnam from Manila Philippines

A few months ago, I watched “A Tourist Guide of Love” movie; the story is all about Amanda Riley who went to Vietnam to gain insights about Vietnam Tourism. She visited different places including Da Nang and Hoi An. And because of this movie, I decided to continue my Vietnam series. Let me start reminiscing again about our trip; you can check my summary in this post “5 Days in Da Nang Vietnam”. 

Traveling to Da Nang Vietnam from Manila Philippines 

There was no direct flight from Manila to Da Nang so to make our life easier, my husband booked our ticket via travel agency. He purchased our ticket four months before the trip but despite that, our airfare is still not cheap. In fact, this is the most expensive airfare ticket that we purchased for an Asian trip because there was no seat sale, we booked via a travel agency and we rode two airplanes. 

Vietnam is just a few hours away from Manila but because there is no direct flight from Manila to Da Nang, we need to ride two airplanes; one international and one domestic flight. From the time we left the house until we reached Sheraton Grand Da Nang, we’ve traveled for more than 14 hours so it was really a long day for us. 

Manila to Ho Chi Minh City via Philippine Airlines - 2hrs and 45mins  
Layover 5hrs and 25mins  
Ho Chi Minh City to Da Nang via Vietnam Airlines - 1hr and 20mins  

Manila to Ho Chi Minh City

We had an early flight and fortunately, our flight is on time. There was no monitor on our seat so for entertainment, we used “myPAL Player” app to watch movies. 

It’s been a long time since our last international trip via Philippine Airlines so I was surprised when they serve the food. What!?!, nasa paper na lang yung meals nila. The taste of the food is just okay. Nakakadisappoint lang kasi hindi naman budget airline ang Philippine Airlines so bakit kaya nagkaganito, malayo ito compared sa Bangkok, Thailand trip namin. 

On our way to Saigon, I’m happy to see part of the Mekong River; it is a transboundary river in East Asia and Southeast Asia. This river flows through China, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. The Mekong River is the third longest river in Asia and the 12th longest river in the world. 

After a few hours, we landed at Tan Son Nhat International Terminal which is the Ho Chi Minh City Airport; we passed immigration, got our luggage, and looked for Foreign Exchange Kiosk. We exchanged some US Dollars for Vietnamese Dong and we also bought a sim card for 300,000VND

From International Airport Terminal 2, we need to transfer to Domestic Airport Terminal 1 for our Ho Chi Minh to Da Nang flight and it was a long walk. We have more than 5 hours of layover and looking at the Domestic Airport, there is nothing to do. We immediately looked for the Vietnam Airlines counter and we were so happy because we could already check in so we were able to go to Menas Mall Saigon Airport. 

Menas Mall Saigon Airport 

You can already see this mall from the airport, during our trip there are only a few shops that are open so we went straight to the 5th floor where the Menas Food Village or Yum Food Village is located. This food court offers traditional Vietnamese dishes, international cuisine, and fast food. 

My son ordered Beef Pepper Rice at Pepper Lunch for 95,000VND and my husband ordered Lau Thap Cam or Asian Hot Pot at Saigon Bistro for 160,000VND. Softdrinks in can is 20,000VND. Since we frequent Pepper Lunch, one thing I noticed is the price because if I will convert it to Philippine Peso, hindi nalalayo sa Pilipinas so Vietnam is a budget-friendly destination. 

I was excited to try the Asian Hot Pot but unfortunately, it was not a clear soup and I can’t take spicy food so I went to Pepper Lunch and ordered Beef Pepper Rice too. Hindi yata nagkaintindihan sa pag-order. 

What is nice about this food court is the view, you have a nice view of the airport while eating. We took our time eating while waiting for our next flight. 

Ho Chi Minh City to Da Nang Vietnam 

Two hours before our boarding, we went back to Domestic Airport and passed Security Check. Our flight was delayed by 25 minutes and the boarding gate has been changed too. 

It was our first time on Vietnam Airlines and upon seated the flight attendant gave wet wipes to all passengers. No meals for this flight and we only got bottled water. 

After 1 hour and 25 minutes, we landed at Da Nang International Airport, from sunny weather in Saigon to cloudy and rainy weather in Da Nang. 

From the airport to Sheraton Grand Da Nang, we availed hotel transport service. Travel time is more than 30 minutes.

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