November 06, 2023

How to Buy Travel Insurance for Australia Trip in the Philippines

Travel insurance is now part of our travel expenses so whether we are traveling domestically or internationally, I make sure that we are protected. I experienced buying travel insurance for our Philippines, Asia, and Europe trips. For our recent Sydney trip, I also bought travel insurance even though it is not part of the Australian Tourist Visa requirements. 

I read this line on one of the Australian websites that I stumbled upon while I was searching for a tourist visa application, “If you can’t afford travel insurance, you can't afford to travel”. And because of this, I bought travel insurance even though we don’t have a tourist visa yet. Yes. I took a risk because I want to include this on our visa application under “Evidence of Financial Status and Funding”. I searched for other travel insurance that I could buy online but I ended up with Pacific Cross again because they have family rates. The process is still the same. 

How to Buy Pacific Cross Travel Insurance Online 

1. Go to this link  

On this page, you can check the website, download a brochure, get a quote, or buy now. 

2. Download the brochure to check for the updated rates.  

Pacific Cross Travelsafe with COVID-19 has different plans, so it is up to you what plan you want to avail.  

Prestige Plus Plan 
Executive Peso Plan 
De Luxe Peso Plan 
Privilege Peso Plan 
Executive Dollar Plan 
Executive De Luxe Plan 
Prestige Euro Plan 

The rate varies depending on the plan, destination, and days.  

Travel including USA/Canada/HongKong  
Travel excluding USA/Canada/HongKong  
Philippine travel only  

In our case, we will be traveling for 7 days but I chose the 15 days so just in case there will be flight delays, cancellations or we need to extend our stay for a few days, we are still insured.   

Since we are traveling as a family, I chose Family Rate to save money. Here are the rates for families. You can pay in PH Pesos or US Dollars. 

Travel excluding USA/Canada/HongKong/15 Days/Family  

Prestige Plus Plan - PHP6,610.85 
Executive Peso Plan - PHP1,812 
De Luxe Peson Plan - PHP2657 
Privilege Peso Plan - PHP4028 
Executive Dollar Plan - PHP5881.68 
Executive De Luxe Plan - PHP7,515.48 
Prestige Euro Plan - PHP5458.50 

3. Click “Get a Quote” or “Buy Now” Fill out the travel details and choose the preferred plan.  
4. Enter your email address. Since this is my nth time, after entering my email address and clicking next, it went straight to the Application form. No more validation emails.  
5. Then fill out the application form for the principal and family members.  
6. Read the Application Terms and Conditions. Click the tickbox and next.  
7. Review your Travelsafe Insurance Coverage Summary. Click I agree to this site’s Payment Terms and Conditions  
8. Pay via credit card or debit card  
9. After payment, you can now view/print the OCC, Terms and Conditions, and Application Forms. 
10. You will also receive PDF files at your email address. 

Care to share other travel insurances that you have tried. 

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