December 20, 2023

Filipino Parol Ornaments

I was supposed to finish my Da Nang Vietnam series this month kasi one year na pala ang nakalipas pero my mind is into crafting so nakalimutan ko na naman. I am trying my best to finish my Christmas Craft Project blog post para hindi na umabot ng next year. Hehehe! 

I mentioned in my previous post that I made four different ornaments for our Christmas tree and Filipino Parol Ornament is the second ornament that I did. Cricut Philippines’ Day 2 challenge is Parol so I decided to make an ornament instead of big parol. 

Last year I also made a Parol Ornament using this 3D Snowflake design, I was thinking if I would recreate this design and make it big but I remembered the Filipino Parol design that I’ve bookmarked. The designer is from the United Kingdom but she really designed a Filipino Parol. 

At first, I just wanted to make two ornaments but after finishing the two ornaments, I wanted more with different colors inspired by the colorful Pampanga’s parol. So I ended up with four ornaments. 

It was funny because, my husband wanted to put up our Christmas tree since last month but I always told him, 9 days before Christmas na lang. We have limited space in our house kasi so masikip lalo kapag may Christmas Tree. But after I finished my Filipino Parol Ornaments, I was so excited to hang them so I told my husband, na pwede na magkabit ng Christmas tree. Hehehe! 

I am so happy with the finished product, especially after seeing them on our Christmas tree with Christmas lights so I plan to make more if I have extra time. I want to try new colors naman.

Update: I won the "Day 2: Cricut Parol" challenge. Yey! 

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