June 17, 2024

Father’s Day Celebration

Another long weekend but we did not travel kasi every weekend na lang kami wala sa bahay so we wanted to stay home naman. And yesterday was Father’s Day too pero wala din handa, parang gusto na namin magdiet because since last month, puro buffet at kainan kami.

I made a Father’s Day Cake Topper but I was not able to use it because my husband doesn’t want a cake. For the cake topper, I just used one of the SVG designs from the Father’s Day Greeting Quotes Bundle

I also made this Father’s Day Layered Card using the Me and Dad Layered Card Design of The Bearded Housewife. I like this card because it reminded me of the the days when my son was in toddler years, lagi siya nasa shoulders ng Daddy niya kasi ang bagal maglakad or ayaw na maglakad. hehehe! "On Dad's Shoulders was the best place to be" Happy Father's Day! 

Akala ko hindi na kami aalis but I remembered that my mom gave money to my son so he can watch “Inside Out 2” movie. His cousins watched this movie na kasi kaso hindi siya nakasama kasi naman malayo kami so para no FOMO, I suggested na manood na kami. I checked the schedule at Southwoods Mall and buzzer beater kami sa 4:10PM na movie. 

I was checking my blog post and yung last movie na pinanood namin sa big screen was Avengers: Endgame and sa Norway pa. Hindi na kasi ko mahilig manood ng sine, hinihintay ko na lang sa Netflix. PHP380 x 3 persons, mahal din ha, buti na lang may free popcorn and water na yun. Hehehe! 

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