Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Celebrities with Psoriasis

I always say that having psoriasis is not easy because once you have it you have to deal and live with it. Most people are not aware about this skin disorder and some people may not understand how difficult for us to live a normal life during our break out.

Some people dreams to have a fair complexion and willing to spend thousands just to have a smooth and white skin. But people with psoriasis like me spend thousands just to have a clear skin and free from psoriasis. I only have one wish, (for 3 years already) that someday I will be able to wear my shorts, skirt and swimwear again. Someday, I can wear anything that I want just like before and someday I will enjoy the beach and swimming pool without thinking that people might see the red patch on my skin.

That’s how conscious I am when I am not at home, I am afraid of what people might say and feel about me if they know that I have psoriasis. So I really understand these celebrities who have psoriasis and I am happy that they come out in the open to show the world that psoriasis is not contagious.

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CariDee English is the 2006 winner of "America's Next Top Model" – click here if you want to see her story and she even reveals some of her pictures.

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LeAnn Rimes, the two time Grammy Award winning singer and actress who have psoriasis since she was two years old. Her full story here.

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And the latest celebrity who was diagnosed with psoriasis is no other than Kim Kardashian. Click here for the latest news.

I do not have any idea if there are local celebrities who have psoriasis.


  1. Hi sis, my lola has psoriasis too and I even had psoriasis scare early this year. When I thought I had psoriasis, it was so stressful but I always remind myself that it was given to me because I am strong enough to handle it. I hope you're thinking of yourself that way too.
    "Gawin mong light" :)

    By the way, Cameron Diaz has psoriasis too.

  2. you're right, we can handle this. i'm the only one in the family who has psoriasis, so until now, am clueless where did i get this.

  3. Hi, my name is Natalie and I'm from Puerto Rico. I myself have psoriasis, it is very hard to live a normal life having this condition. The thing that I am most worried about is that psoriasis has no cure and how stress worsen the condition :(. I have had this condition sense I was 7 years old ( im currently 20). It hasent been easy but thanks to my families support I have been able to handle it. Im glad there are more people that understand my situation.

  4. ^ hi!, yes it is not easy, we are lucky to have family who accepts our condition. =)

  5. Hi,my name is Julie,I am a latina born and raise in New York City,my parents are from puerto rico,,I myself have been suffering with psoriasis,I first notice red small patches on my skin,I was twenty four years old when I found out about my condition, I am in my fifties,but I learn how to deal with this condition,I try to be stress free,it has been really hard dealing with psorasis,but I am fortunated to have family and friends who supports me and understand my condition.

  6. ^ yes, you're right, we just have to learn to deal with psor and have a stree free life. =)


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