June 29, 2012

Breakfast Omelet Muffin

I mentioned in my other blog that I’ve been trying to make muffin tray meals, I tried meatloaf muffins before and I was so happy with the result so last weekend I tried breakfast muffin omelet. I used bacon, mushroom and bell pepper instead of Italian sausage and broccoli.

This is another easy recipe that you can prepare for breakfast and school snacks. Next time I will add cheese.  


  1. So yummy! I want to try this soon!

  2. i'm sure it's going to be the best winner with cheese! :D

  3. I will definitely try to make this one of these days.

  4. It looks good! :))) I might try that next time since I love omelet. :D


  5. This is going to be something that I should try for my kids snacks for school. Thank you for sharing. :-)


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