June 21, 2012

Things that Make You Happy

Since yesterday, I’ve been thinking if I will join the first meme of BC bloggers or not because I having dilemma with my son. I told you before that he doesn’t want to go home and I really don’t know what to do to convince him that we need to go home and we can’t stay all day in school. I really want to cry because my son is not listening to me. It’s an everyday dilemma for me and just today this is our scene.

Me: Ethan, let's go home
Ethan: nooooo!
(Repeat for the nth time)
Me: Ethan, I'm going home now. (walking towards the gate)
Ethan: ok, bye mommy, see you tomorrow! 

Waah! As if I can go home without him. Anyway, like Peter Pan said, “think happy thoughts” so now I will be sharing things that make me happy.

1. Traveling 

Traveling makes me happy. Since I was a kid, I really want to travel and see the world maybe because I feel deprived. We only experience family outing if my relatives will invite us or if my mom was here. It is always my dream to finish school so I can work and when I have work I can save money for my future travels. When I was still working, I really save my salary and if my mom gives me money, I also save it so even though I’m a full-time mom now I have no problems if I need money for my getaway. But of course, I have to limit my travels because I don’t want to deplete my funds.  But I would be more than happy if my husband will finance my/our future travels. =)

Time doesn't wait for you... Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer

2. Cooking and Baking 

Now that I’m a full-time mom, I have more time to cook and bake. I love trying new recipes and I feel happy if my hubby and son like it. But don’t expect me to cook during holidays or if there’s special occasion because I find it stressful.

3. Time with my family 

I always look forward to weekends and holidays because that is the only time that my husband has time for us. I always wish that there will no more out of town and out of the country business trips. I always pray that one day; he will file a vacation leave on his own, without me telling him that he needs to file a vacation leave because I booked a flight or we need to attend this or that.

4. Family/Friends Reunion/Outing 

Because of distance and busy schedules, I seldom see my family and friends so I really appreciate those time and moments.

5. Blogging 

It became part of my life since last year and I’m happy sharing my random thoughts, pieces of my life and crazy moments in my post. This is my “me time”, my stress reliever and my connection.


  1. Your son's story is so cute. He wants to stay in school! Anyways,it is my dream to travel. I claim that someday , can do it with my family:)

  2. He must be enjoying school so much! Look on the bright side...some kids, you have to drag to school hehehe...

  3. Buti pa nga si Ethan super na eenjoy nya ang school. Yung isa kong niece minsan ayaw pumasok gusto mag computer lang. lol!

  4. I love travelling too! It's placed on hold lang for now since we don't want to be lugging around the Little One's sterilizer with us when we travel. Bottle weaning here we come! Hehehe! =D

  5. kulit..hehe :D pero good na he likes going to school :) hope we could travel more..

  6. Haha! Now that's something new. Tama yung iba, other kids have to be dragged to school while yours is enjoying it as early as now.:)

    Traveling is one thing that I want to do more often. I've never uprooted myself from this city and I'm not getting any younger. Hayyy... hopefully this year.

  7. naku sissies, enjoy siya kasi nagplay siya before and after school, walang kasawaan. gusto ko na tuloy bumili ng playhouse at slide sa bahay. (kung may budget lang)

  8. I, too, get in the verge of tears when my little girl does not listen.

  9. wow! your son must love going to school, yung ibang bata gustong umuwi :)..visiting from the things that makes me happy, mine is up at http://www.pinaysinglemomsnook.info/bc-bloggers-meme-things-that-make-you-happy/

  10. Yes, I love traveling too. Hard with a toddler in tow but more enriching :)