June 06, 2012

Lunch at Viewpoint Restaurant

Yesterday was hubby’s nth birthday and he didn’t have any plan where and how to celebrate his birthday. I suggested lunch or dinner in Marcia Adams or Dusit Hotel Buffet (to avail of the birthday discount promo – your age is the total discount) or visit BlueRoze Farm. All my suggestions were rejected so it seems that he has no plan of celebrating his birthday. But since we want to welcome the new member of our family, off we went to Tagaytay for a test drive. No definite destination we just enjoy the ride.

Hubby dropped by Our Lady of Lourdes church to give thanks.

Before we reached Nasugbu, Batangas we saw Viewpoint Restaurant, just in time for lunch. Parking was not difficult because there were only few customers.

This view deck is all ours.

We ordered sinigang na maliputo ½ kilo P325 (2 pcs) and lechon kawali P270. Price is quiet steep considering the serving but I guess you’re not just paying for the food but also for the ambiance. I want to add salted egg (3) with tomato and onion but the price is P150. waah!

The food was just ok for me but hubby and son were very much satisfied with sinigang na maliputo (simu’t sarap). You know that I’m a meat lover so I ate lechon kawali.

What I don’t like in Viewpoint, it is really hard to call someone if you need something or if you have additional order. Even though there’s a buzzer in the view deck, it took them so long to go to our table. So we immediately asked for the food bill after the staff delivered the extra rice.

Happy Birthday to my hubby!


  1. sayang di kayo natuloy sa marcia adams. and i agree, the prices are a bit expensive just because you have the "view" of taal :D

    1. natry mo na ba sa marcia adams? mixed review yung nababasa ko e.

  2. few comments:
    nth birthday? - ayaw talaga i-disclose ni manong ariel ang age nya... i swear i recall seeing 1979 on his facebook before, now its 1980... anyway, mandaya man sya sa edad.. he's still my manong.. hahaha!

    new member of the family - i thought you are expecting another one.. baby girl sana para may kakampi ka na, yehey!... hehehe!... lam mo masyadong masekreto yang hubby mo ha, di man lang magsabe may bago na syang car... baka ayaw magpasakay, hmp! hahaha!

    Car seat ni ethan - cute! the colors are the colors from manong ariel's division.. CMD, loyal?

    Viewpoint resto - i believe we tried dining in sa place na yan before... we were in big group that time and wanted to arrange the tables para magkakasama kami... di kami pinayagan kasi daw naka feng shui daw... so ayun, umalis kami.

    ethan eating veggies? - wow!... idol nya dad nya noh? well, it's good for him para habang bata pa sanay na sya kumain ng gulay. Ako, nung tumanda na ako natuto at nung may findings na parang may high blood pressure daw ako... but it was false alarm.... i liked na din the veggies after that.

    the cake - it's dulce de leche! :D

    ... so anyway, happy b-day kay manong ariel... malamang matagal na naman kami bago magkita nyan, i greeted naman na sa text nung actual b-day nya kaya wala akong utang... btw, lam mo ba, di man lang ako binati nyan nung bday ko, hmp!

    1. hehe! 1980 sa birth cert. =)
      no plan yet, as of now happy na kami kay ethan. di mo siguro nanotice, dumating yata nung fri, nung mon lang niya kinuha para siguro sa bday niya. hehe!
      kaya pala ganun din yung color ng shirt niya, may color pala ang mga division niyo.
      natawa naman ako sa fengshui.
      buti nga nagmana sa tatay, parang no-eater nga si ethan at hindi picky eater kasi lahat naman kinakain pero hindi nga lang mahilig kumain depende sa mood at sapilitan.
      yes, all time fave cake namin yan dulde de leche. same ba ng lasa sa estrel's?
      hahaha! masanay ka na diyan, hindi yan nakakaalala ng mga bday at di rin mahilig magreet maski sa family niya. ang thoughtful noh. hehe! binati ka daw niya nung nagkita kayo, late nga lang.

  3. Happy birthday to your hubby! The view from the restaurant is awesome, so even if the food is not that spectacular, the view made up for that.

  4. ang ganda ng taal, parang postcard yung pic! akala ko din baby hehe.. pwede pala tayo magsama at ma pork din akong tao. :D happy birthday sa hubby mo! =)

    1. hehe! wala pang plan na sundan. =)parang hindi ko naeenjoy ang food pag walang meat. hehe!

  5. kala ko may kasunod na. sino ba yong new member? anyway, I love seeing ethan eating. sarap kurutin. Pag dating ko lagot sya, marami na kurot...i mean kissssssss. he he

  6. Hay! I miss Filipino food. I can only cook the basics kasi and I can't make some of the more complicated ones. =(