Monday, September 26, 2016

Swiss Delice Chocolate

My husband just came back from Malaysia and while waiting at the airport, he kept on taking photos of different chocolates that I might like, so I can choose.

There are times that he will not buy anything because I always say, “ang mahal naman, meron naman niyan sa Pinas” hehehe! So when he showed me this Swiss Delice Collection Selection. I said yes, para maiba naman. 

We haven’t tried this brand of chocolate from Switzerland. Swiss Delice Collection Selection is a collection of selected chocolate coated biscuits. There are 8 flavors inside the box. 

1. Truffino Classic - crisp milk chocolate wafer biscuit with hazelnut filling.
2. Truffino Noir - crisp chocolate wafer biscuit with hazelnut filling. 
3. Pralino - cocoa meringue with tenderly melting chocolate filling. 
4. Rocher - delicately crisp biscuit with milk chocolate and hazelnuts. 
5. Medaillon Classic - crisp meringue biscuit with tenderly melting hazelnut filling and milk chocolate. 
6. Cremetti - light, airy meringue biscuit with chocolate filling. 
7. Amandelle - crisp almond biscuit on milk chocolate. 
8. Choc Japonais - tender sandwich meringue with chocolate filling. 

So we’re been eating this last weekend and trying each flavor. Well, in my opinion, the taste is just ok, I still prefer Ferrero Rocher Chocolate compared to this. I even said, parang mas type ko pa KitKat, then my husband said, grabe naman masarap naman ito. Hehehe!

RM48 is not cheap so maybe I expected more but my son likes it and kung di ko pinigilan, he can finish the box of chocolate in one sitting. Well, kanya-kanya lang talaga ng panlasa.

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