September 29, 2016

Birthday Party Theme for Boys

September used to be my busy month because I need to prepare for my son’s birthday. Our family is not into big birthday parties, the only party that we had more than 50 guests is when he celebrated his first birthday party. 

On his 2nd and 3rd birthday, we just travel. Things change when he started going to school so we planned to have a small birthday party at his school. It was an intimate party because he has more or less 15 classmates. A DIY party is not a problem. 

Sharing with you the DIY birthday party themes that we had during his 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th birthday. 

My son likes Lightning McQueen so we had Car birthday party theme for his 4th birthday party. I don’t know any boys who don't like cars. 

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He enjoyed our trip at Hongkong Disneyland so for his 5th birthday party, he wanted a Mickey Mouse birthday party. I love Mickey Mouse too! 

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When we transferred to a new school, birthday parties are not allowed, so we have no choice but to celebrate it at home. We live in a small house so we only invited my in-laws. I was expecting that he will ask for Lego birthday party theme but he wanted a Mario birthday party

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Lastly, we had a Little Chef Party for his 7th birthday party. 

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Now, I suddenly miss planning a DIY party. This year no more theme party and my son just wanted to have a staycation. He said, mommy, I want a hotel with a playhouse. 

Honestly, as of this writing, we haven’t booked any hotel yet and we only have few days left. I’m hesitant because he has classes on the day of his birthday and it’s been raining every day so I’m not sure if we will enjoy our staycation. Good luck to us! 

Care to share your birthday party themes.

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Update: October 2021

I thought that we will no longer have a birthday party theme because my son is too old but I was wrong. When my son hit his teenage years, I decided to prepare a DIY Gamer Birthday party for him even we are under COVID19 restrictions. 


  1. Very nice diy sis :) I hope I can be as creative as you for my niece and nephew

  2. You are very creative and really put thoughts on his party. I hope the weather cooperates on your plan for staycation. I think dinner to his favorite restaurant, getting his ultimate birthday gift and being with family is grand birthday na. Have fun Sis:)

    1. Thanks! Yes, the weather cooperated during our staycation. :)

  3. Lately, si Nate talaga is so in love with cars and other heavy equipment. So kung sakali, baka car or heavy-equipment related and theme namin sa 3rd bday niya. Pero not sure pa kasi baka mag family outing nalang kami. Pero pinaka bet ko ung chef theme! :D

    1. I feel you, minsan talaga pabago-bago isip natin. Kaya kami hindi pwede sa grand birthday celebration at sayang sa mga downpayment. :)