September 18, 2016

6 Must-Pack Items for Your Family Safari Trip

A family safari is a once in a lifetime experience and careful packing can ensure that it's a positive and memorable one. What you haul with you is of extreme importance, especially if traveling with children. For adventurers traveling to distant, exotic lands, here are five items a safari tripper can't do without.


A lightweight down jacket is ideal for the extreme weather shifts one is likely to encounter in the African bush. Though the days can be sweltering, the nights are often chilly. A lightweight jacket that is amply warm and compressible will keep you warm in the evening and early morning but will shed easily and can be compacted down enough to fit into your day-pack. 

A Hat

A sturdy, wide-brimmed hat is essential for long days in the sun. A simple baseball cap will not suffice in these conditions. You will need something that provides coverage for your neck and ears, as well as eyes, so an actual canvas safari hat is best. The material allows it to be crushed and stuffed into a bag or back pocket when it's not needed, the brim extends over the ears providing optimal shade and many safari hats come with a cord that you can secure under your chin in windy climates to ensure it stays atop your head. After all, it's not called a safari hat for no reason. 


There is no substitute for wool socks on safari. Tromping through foreign terrain can wear on your extremities, but wool provides both the padding and warmth required to keep those tootsies in working order. Be sure that your socks and the rest of your clothing items are beige and nude colors. Not only do you want to blend into the environment while trying to spy the wildlife, but bright colors may attract unwanted attention. Blue, in particular, will garner the attention of tsetse flies that are wont to nibbling on tourists. 

A Smartphone

A smartphone with a good camera should be at the top of your list (or at least immediately under "passports"). Lugging around an additional item like a camera is unnecessary if you find a phone that comes equipped with a good one. The LG G5 has a 16MP dual camera with both normal and ultra wide-angle lens ideal for capturing the wild game and picturesque landscapes you'll find on safari. 


For on the spot sanitary needs, antibacterial baby wipes reign supreme. Germ-fighting and disposable, you will find 101 uses for these while on the trail and a whole host of things that you never realized would need cleaning. Saline solution is another multipurpose item you may overlook as you pack. Not only is it good for rinsing your hands and eyes, it's perfect for flushing your nasal passages after a long and dusty tour of the bush. You would be surprised what can get stuck in there, and be trying to keep up with clogged sinuses can be miserable. 

Though a family safari is the chance of a lifetime, if you don't pack smart, it can also be a disaster. Pack for comfort, sanitation and mobility and you and your family are sure to make the most of your trip.


  1. Definitely agree with all of these! I would also pack sunblock! :D I can't wait til I go on a family safari trip. Would be so awesome seeing the animals up close.

  2. Wow, this is written very concise, but instructive. I like how you put your idea in these that makes it truly beneficial to your readers and those who don't know how to pack light and the important stuff. I'm glad that you write about this one, it'll certainly be a help to everyone.


  3. I agree with these suggestions although I don't think they are only for Safari Trips. I think lots of places in the world would require one to take these items along.

  4. this are amazing tips but I think they apply for everything else also... all trips.. LOL and thanks for thinking it out to write out this great list...

  5. I have never gone to a safari before, much more with my family. So this just gives me an idea on what I should do. Not sure when I'd be able to go to a safari though. I'm hoping it'd be sooner rather than later.

  6. All points well taken:)
    Except for one thing, that I won't prefer doing... carrying my smart phone... the only reason being the radiation that our phones release, which unknowingly is harming the animals and their natural habitats to a great extent :(
    Then again, I have my dslr to take great pics, though I know, it's not what everyone would ideally afford or prefer... :)

  7. A safari trip is something I'd enjoy. Might I add that sunscreen is truly important since most of them are open trails. Cameras, of course! A little sweat in the outdoors won't be so bad, though.

  8. Safari trip isn't something common in the country but I have been seeing awesome videos and blog reviews about it. I definitely agree on the must pack items you have listed here. Although I haven't tried it personally but sure your point of views here are reasonable. It's something I'll surely be not forgetting whenever I get to experience this activity soon.