January 30, 2018

Shopping at Mumuso

I was in Southwoods Mall last week and while looking for a restaurant, I saw Mumuso. We are all familiar with Miniso and Daiso which a popular store in Japan but now we also have Mumuso which is from South Korea

Mumuso means Hibiscus Life, it is a national flower of the Republic of Korea. Just like the two stores, Mumuso offers affordable quality products. So far they have 23 branches around the Philippines and I’m so glad they have a branch near our place which is Southwoods Mall.

The store in Southwoods Mall is not that big but it offers different products that you might like such as bags, wallet, organizer, toys, notebook, and even beauty products. I wasn’t able to take some pictures because I’m busy checking their cute products. I have no plans to shop pero napabili pa rin ko, I just bought the things that we need in the house. 

Volcanic Soil Refreshing Blackhead Removing Pore Strip P99 
50 Individual Packed Teeth Floss P99 
Blue Cotton Stick (Pointed + Round Head) P129 
Korean Solid Color Bow Hairband P99 

I bought two pieces of 3-step Blackhead Remover Nose Strip at Althea Korea but my husband prefers the Nose Strip, yung wala ng step 1, 2 and 3. Step 2 na agad, hehehe! Which is actually good because it is much cheaper. The 3 steps nose strip is around P60 to P80 per pack (one time use only), yung nabili ko na pore strip P99 lang, marami na. Before, sa Watsons ako nakakabili nito.

I also bought packed teeth floss and blue cotton stick, I like the cotton buds because it is a combination of a pointed and round head. I think this is expensive for P129, feeling ko mas mura sa grocery, though rounded lang meron. The bowknot hair band, I got this because cute and I feel that I need this. Then when I got home, parang namahalan na ko sa P99. hehehe! Anyway, according to the packaging, I can use this Bowknot Hair Band when 

1. Washing my face or doing my makeup 
2. Doing sports and yoga 
3. Put a mask on face 
4. Read and learn 

You have to pay for the shopping bag, if you want an extra bag.

I’ll just update this post when I visited the store again. 

Southwoods Store BiƱan, Laguna

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