January 11, 2018

Althea Korea Haul: Discovering New Korean Beauty Products

I hate to admit but I’m starting to get addicted to Korean Beauty products. I kept on checking and browsing Althea Korea site, parang lahat gusto ko i-try. This was the first time that I ordered several times in one online shop in a span of two months. Yes, I ordered four boxes last year, ever since I registered last September 2017. Nakakaubos ng budget! Waah!

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I just received my fifth box yesterday or should I say my first Althea Korea order this year. But before that, let me share my new skincare haul from South Korea. This was my third box and fourth box, but I will review the Lazy Sunday Box in a separate post. I’ve been replacing my kikay kit with more K-Beauty products, so slowly, I’m adding new products.

Sharing what I ordered last year.

2 Boomdeahdah Facial Mask Aloe Moisture - Aloe vera leaf extract rich in moisture fills the skin with moisture to keep it moisturized and soft. The scent is just okay, a little bit sticky on the face.
2 Boomdeahdah Facial Mask Green Tea Moisture - contained green tea extract and herbal complex that moisturizes and vitalizes your exhausted skin from stress and other external environments. It makes your skin smooth too. The scent is just okay.
50 Boomdeaddah Facial Mask Aloe, Green Tea, Pomegranate, Berry and Honey. 
Rire Luxe Slim Eyebrow (grey brown) 
Boomdeadah Rose Body Lotion 

When the delivery guy delivered my fourth box, he immediately asked me.

DG: Ma’m ano ba laman nitong box. Ang bigat e. 

I just smiled. It weighed 2.5 kg so mabigat talaga siya. And what's inside the box? 50 pcs of facial masks and Body Lotion. Hehehe! I know, I only have one face but I ordered a lot because this was my gift to my son’s teachers. Actually, naintriga din ang mga teachers. Some of my son’s teachers asked him kung ano laman kasi it is soft but heavy. Well, I hope they enjoyed the facial masks during their Christmas break.

I’ve already tried all the 8 variants of Boomdeahdah Facial Mask and it makes my skin soft and smooth. I’m happy that there is no side effect and it is affordable. My personal favorite variants are Lemon, Honey, Rice, and Olive. Check the other variants that I've tried in this post Althea Korea Haul

Boomdeahdah Rose Body Lotion 

To be honest, I’m not fond of scented lotion lalo na yung mga flower scent but I bought Boomdeahdah Rose Body Lotion because it is affordable, P230 lang for 500ml. Boomdeahdah Rose Body Lotion contains Rosa Damascena Flower Extract which makes the skin texture smooth by providing rich nutrition.

I like the lotion because it is not sticky or greasy. It is easily absorbed by the skin. Yes, it is fragrant! The scent is really strong so if you are not fond of strong scent, you won't like this. Sa sobrang strong ng scent niya, tumatagal. One evening, my husband asked me “Bakit ang bango mo pa rin, gabi na”. I laughed and I told him na may bago ko lotion. Hahaha!

Rire Luxe Slim Eyebrow 

I’m blessed with thick eyebrows so I don’t need to put any eyebrow make-up anymore. But I still bought the Rire Luze Slim Eyebrow because of the 1.5mm thin brush and built-in screw brush. Though I have thick eyebrows, magulo naman so gusto ko suklayin. Hehehe! I like this slim eyebrow because it is so easy to apply but I know that I need more practice. I got this at P140 from P831, 83% discount.

How to Use 

1. Brush along your eyebrows using the built-in screw brush.
2. Have an overall sketch of the eyebrows and fill them up along the eyebrows.
3. Brush carefully with the screw brush so that your drawn eyebrows and actual eyebrows naturally blend well.

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  1. We are going to Seoul in April and will be staying at the Gyeongdong area. I am so excited to get my hands on freebies and loads of K cosmetics.

    1. I heard there are a lot of freebies nga, enjoy your SoKor trip.

  2. Korean beauty products are quite the trend right now. Sino ba naman ayaw maging kasing kinis nila hahaha. Seriously, I love trying on facial mask. I might try those you purchased too.

    1. Korek, they have nice skin na parang walang pores. hehehe!

  3. Aside from kpop bands and kdramas, korean beauty products are "in" esp to millennials. I love facial masks, sobrang nakakarelax. I'd love try these Althea box.

    1. Try it, they have different facial masks that you might like. :)

  4. while reading this, i remember my friend. most of the Christmas gifts she gave me came from Althea. She is getting addicted to Korean products, too. well, we can't blame her. Like you, you've found them most effective and truly delivers.

    1. True, I find their products effective. I don't usually blog about beauty products but now I do because I'm satisfied with Kbeauty products.

  5. I like fragrant lotions, actually. My favorite is Bath & Body but I only get to have them when someone gives me as a gift, hahaha!

    I haven't tried Althea until now. But been hearing so much about it. Mukhang mura nga.

    1. Yes, mura because of the promo and discounts. :)