January 25, 2018

Boomdeahdah Beauty Products Review

I’ve been buying Korean Beauty Products since September and so far I’m happy with all my orders. I find joy in discovering new beauty products and most of all, I can buy those products at a discounted price.

Boomdeahdah means “We love the whole world”, this is one of my favorite brand in Althea Korea site because their products are budget-friendly. So far, I already tried the Rose Body Lotion and 8 variants of their facial mask. You can check my review here and here.

A few weeks ago, I saw the Boomdeahdah Set for P300 and I immediately added this to my cart. I am satisfied with their product so I reorder. The set includes

1 Lemon Lime Facial Mask
1 Pomegranate Facial Mask
1 Rice Facial Mask
1 Berry Facial Mask
1 Honey Facial Mask
1 Rose Body Lotion
1 Water Drop Hand Cream Lotus

Yes, a total of 7 products for P300. Check the product description below.

Boomdeahdah Rose Body Lotion - contained Rosa Damascena Flower Extract that makes the skin texture smooth by providing rich nutrition.
Boomdeahdah Water Drop Hand Cream Lotus - a hand cream with water drop type that makes your skin smooth without stickiness.
Boomdeahdah Facial Mask Lemon - Lime - Brightening - Lemon extract and lime extract deliver vitamins and moisture to seriously dry skin to keep it moisturized and fair.
Boomdeahdah Facial Mask Rice - Brightening - It contains rice bran extract and sweet almond extract so as to make dull skin fair and healthy.
Boomdeahdah Facial Mask Berry - Firming - Containing strawberry extract, blueberry extract, and raspberry extract. It makes dull skin fair, transparently clean, and youthful.
Boomdeahdah Facial Mask Pomegranate - Firming - It contains pomegranate extract and patented natural vegetable extract in order to soothe exhausted skin from the external environment and to keep it smooth.
Boomdeahdah Facial Mask Honey - Nourishing - It contains propolis extract, royal jelly extract, and honey extract to nourish and tighten rough-textured, dry skin.

Among the set, it was my first time to try the Boomdeahdah Water Drop Hand Cream Lotus. Honestly, I’m not fond of applying lotion or cream on my hands, nalalagkitan kasi ko so hand sanitizer lang lagi ako. And of course, I always do household chores so feeling ko sayang lang yung cream.

But after using the water drop hand cream lotus, it changed my mind. I find this product so amazing because from its name, nagiging water droplets talaga yung cream. It is not sticky, not greasy and I like the smell of it. So now, I’m using it after washing dishes, it makes my skin moisturize and soft. I’m not sure about the brightening effect yet because more than a week ko pa lang natry. But definitely, I will buy this again.

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  1. nag start ako gumamit ng Korean beauty product last June 2017. I am happy and satisfied for the result. Good for you sis that there's Althea Korea online. I heard that the Korean beauty products here in Philippines ay patok at karamihan sa mga mask nila ay best sellers.

  2. Wow! That’s a good deal for 300 pesos! I am looking for eye cream, have you tried any?

    1. Yes, I just bought an eye cream from Althea Korea last month. It is a wrinkle and whitening eye cream for P210 only, Milky Dress is the brand. I tried Celeteque eye cream before, I just forgot the price kasi few yrs ago ko pa natry.

  3. Sobrang I am into mask din! I love it to pamper my skin. Pero hindi ata ako nagpurchase sa Althea kasi ang mamahal nung mga stock nila na sheet mask. Gusto ko ung snail mask pero gusto ko ding itry mga ibang variants.

    1. Boomdeahdah Mask is P20 only and sometimes may discount din so sulit siya. :)

  4. wow parang ang mura nga ng korean products! i'm currently using a korean beauty set but those look good. I want to try those masks, mura for a lot of 7 ha!