February 28, 2011


I was not feeling well on the day of my birthday so we have to delay the celebration. Since we only have one day to celebrate. I decided to go to Paradizoo. We paid P100 each for the entrance fee and my son is still free.

Paradizoo is located in Mendez, Cavite and we live in Laguna that time so the travel time is not that long. I’ve been reading a lot of good reviews here so I was expecting more. 

The place is just ok for me, not that bad but less activity. There are Perpetual Park Pet Cemetery, Butterfly Garden, Mushroom Garden, Honeybee Farm, Camping Area, Picnic Area and Infinity Pond of Positivism. According to my research, guests can interact with different animals such as camels, llamas, ostriches, miniature horse and many more. I don’t know what kind of interaction because when we went there we just tour on our own. No tour guide at all. Yes we see animals free roaming around like piglet and ducks. 

We’ve seen flower and vegetables garden but I think it is not yet time for harvest. If you are nature lover and animal lover you will enjoy this place. This happened last 2009 so I’m not sure if there are improvement already. Anyway the entrance fee is not that bad if you want to see farm animals. Do not forget to bring water, cap or umbrella. Paradizoo Km. 63 Panungyan Road, Mendez, Cavite, Philippines Klook.com

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