May 04, 2015

McDonald’s Kiddie Crew

For the last two years, I’ve been meaning to register my son in McDonald’s Kiddie Crew but I have to wait till he hits 6 years old. They were very strict with age so I had no choice but to wait. But now, I noticed that there were kiddie crew as young as 4 years old. 

McDonald is the only fastfood near my son’s school and most of the time I stayed there while waiting for my son’s dismissal. Since March 12, I accompanied my son to school until he finishes his graduation practice. At that time, I learned that McDonald’s Kiddie Crew was already open for registration.  

I immediately got the registration form, filled up the form and I was so excited to tell my son that I would enroll him in McDonald’s Kiddie Crew. But my son did not like the idea. My husband and I kept on persuading him to join the workshop but he had so many excuses. 

Ethan: I can’t do that. 
Ethan: I don’t want to work in McDonald.

Finally, after four weeks, he said yes. Unfortunately, the next available date is April 27 to May 1, 2015. I chose the 8-10AM schedule. 

Registration Fee: P595 
Inclusive of T-shirt, ID with Lace, Cap, Bag, Chef’s Hat, Apron, Meals and Workshop Materials. 

After two weeks of waiting, we attended the orientation and got the uniform. The staff toured the kids in the kitchen and my son became interested. 

Day 1 

Kids introduced themselves (name, age and talent). The kids were divided into two groups. So if group 1 is in the counter the other group will practice their song and dance number. 

My son doesn’t like burgers but I was surprised that he ate his burger McDo meal. 

Day 2 

My son started to enjoy his counter experience. He experienced preparing drinks and putting tissues, spoon and fork and ketchup on the tray. 

Day 3 

Cheeseburger Making. Kids made their own cheeseburger for their snacks. 

I ordered a meal while my son was at the counter. He was happy to serve his mom. 

Day 4 

The kids painted their McDonalds Happy Meal boxes and presented their talents. My son said his talent is drawing so we just brought his sketch pad. 

Day 5 

Graduation day. Kids sang “Make it Happen” and danced “Shake it Off”. 

I always tell this to my son, stop saying “I can’t do that” or I can’t do this” always say I can do it! So I was really happy when I checked the lyrics of McDonald’s Kiddie Crew theme song. I liked the message. 

 “As we gather here today, we make our pledge to serve others and be the best. Let nothing bring us down, always say we can. Let the whole world know, we’re gonna make things happen.” 

My son enjoyed his first Kiddie Crew Workshop.

We bought the McRib meal (fries + drinks + free umbrella) for P200 because there was a raffle but we did not win. But at least we have McDonald umbrella. hehehe! Hubby said, McRib was just okay. 


  1. must have been so fun for him to spend a day at "work" at McDonalds to learn about working in a customer service position.

  2. I remember one of my firend's neice joined a kiddie crew activity here in Baguio. It's really a nice way to teach them to work hard for something and also to be more social :)

  3. Oh sayang, andyan sana ko. But Wowa is happy for Ethan. Growing up na sya:)

  4. I'd really love my daughter to try this when she comes the right age.

  5. this was always my dream as a kid in the 80s, maybe ill let my daughter try it instead :P haha

  6. The kids are so cute in their kiddie crew outfit!

  7. I never thought of enrolling my son in a Kiddie Crew Workshop, maybe I should since he loves helping me in the kitchen!

  8. This will be our mission next year. :) My MM loves the kiddie crew outfit hehehe

  9. I think every child should have the opportunity to do something like this kasi it teaches them a lot about real life. We may enroll next year!

  10. That looks like fun! My daughter likes playing restaurant with me so maybe this is something she can try when she's 4.

  11. It looks like a fun and learning week for your child.

  12. this is truly fun, by next year my little man will enroll

  13. I want to enroll my son too. Kaso ang layo naman ng McDo sa bahay namin. Hopefully soon :) Looks like your son has so much fun.