February 28, 2011

3rd Wedding Anniversary in Tagaytay

February month was our third wedding anniversary. Hubby has only one day leave so we decided to celebrate it in Tagaytay with my mother and son.

Picnic Grove 

The first stop in Tagaytay is Picnic Grove, it is not really our favorite place but if it is your first time visiting Tagaytay, this is one of the favorite tourist spots. We’ve been here for the nth time already but since we’re traveling with my mom, we will visit Picnic grove. I think this was her first-time visit.

The entrance fee is P50 per person and P35 for the vehicle. It was a weekday so parking was not difficult and only few tourists were there. There are zipline and cable car but we never dare to try. There were ABS CBN crews; they are setting up to tape Kim and Gerald teleserye so we did not stay long. We had a quick snack in their restaurant before leaving. Next stop is T-House.

T-House Tagaytay 

After our visit to Picnic Grove, we went to T-House Tagaytay. It is located in Mendez, Cavite few meters away from Picnic Grove. It is a bed and breakfast hotel that also offers a spa. The place is not that big but the ambiance is very relaxing and peaceful. Since I have my son in tow, I have no choice but to take care of him while my mom and hubby are enjoying their massage.

T House Tagaytay 
3195 Calamba Road
Tagaytay City Philippines

Leslie’s Tagaytay 

We had lunch at Leslie’s Tagaytay, I can’t remember what we ordered but one thing for sure, we know that we have a bulalo. We always order that whenever we dine at Leslie's.

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