February 28, 2011

Day Trip at Golden Sunset

After our quick visit to Caleruega we went to Golden Sunset. We were supposed to visit this place last 2007 but we decided to let it go because we need to save money for our Singapore trip. But after two years we had our chance to visit Golden Sunset.

I was not expecting that the travel time would be long so we were really hungry when we got there. I thought we could find some fastfood where we could eat our breakfast but most of the fastfood was still closed maybe because it was Good Friday.

We avail of a day tour trip only; the entrance fee is P300 per person. Golden Sunset has a cashless payment system, so you need to buy a passport at the reception area, you will use this passport to pay for anything inside the resort. The resort is quite big but good thing that they have a mini-jeepney to transport guests.

And because we were really hungry, we took our breakfast first. Bringing of cooked food inside is prohibited so we have no choice but to eat inside. The price of the food is quite expensive and the taste is just ok. This breakfast is P180 and even though I was hungry, I was not able to finish this serving. We did not know that yesterday was Ricky Reyes birthday and food were free.#sayang

There are an outdoor museum, playground, butterfly garden, and serendipity spa which you can try and visit during your leisure time.

I was a little bit disappointed because there is no beach, I thought it offers both a swimming pool and beach resort.

Golden Sunset Resort
Brgy Uno, Calatagan, Batangas 4215

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