April 05, 2011

Ilog Maria Products

Ilog Maria Honey and Propolis Shampoo – handmade from natural ingredients: Honey for conditioning and hair growth. Propolis for scalp infections, dandruff, falling and graying hair. Natural oils like palm kernel oil, castor oil and coconut oil for gentle cleansing. Aromatherapy grade essential oils from herbs and fruits nourish and heal your scalp, while fighting skin ailments.
P70 and P140
Note: This is my first time to use organic shampoo and I will definitely use this to free my hair from chemicals. The shampoo is a little bit runny and there is no foam when you lather it on your hair. The scent is very different from ordinary shampoo but I love the smell.

Propolis and Cider Liniment – penetrates deeply soothe tired and stiff muscles and tendons by stimulating blood circulation. This aids in fast removal of wastes from fatigued muscles and supplies vital oxygen, food and energy to muscles cells. Hastens repair of damaged tissues. It contains propolis, honey cider, plant extracts, essential oils of menthol and camphor and other natural ingredients.
Note: I do not like the smell but it really soothes and cools your muscles.

Honey Propolis Throat Spray – anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant. It freshens breath, eases sore throat, quiets smoker’s cough and keeps gums healthy.
Note: I find this effective and it is really handy. It tastes like Bactidol.

Honey Beeswax and Propolis Lip Balm P65
Note: I love this lip balm, definitely must have.


  1. i want to try ilog maria's products :)

  2. go sis! go natural! go organic!

  3. Honey Propolis Throat Spray its the best for sore throat and i even used it as breath freshener