April 24, 2011

Day Trip in Liliw Laguna

After visiting our grandmother in Victoria, Laguna, we decided to go to Liliw, Laguna. It’s been two years since the last time I went to Liliw. On our way to Liliw, we passed by this house and post. I am not sure who owns this house.

“Sa pook na ito ng Maimpis binaril ng mga kawal ng Pamahalaang Kastila si Emilio Jacinto noong Pebrero 1898 kaugnay ng Himagsikan ng Pilipinas noong 1896-1898”

This is the famous red church in Liliw, founded in 1605, the St. John the Baptist Parish. The church is big and beautiful and you can see that they really preserved and maintained their church. There is a museum inside the church but unfortunately it was closed that time.

There is St. Bonaventure Candle Corner, P5 per candle. There are different candles that you can choose from and each candle has its own symbol.

Of course our trip will not be complete if we will not visit the “tsinelas stores”. It is walking distance from the church so you will not miss it. There are several stores that you can visit and you can buy slippers, sandals, shoes, hats, bags and others. You can still haggle for the price but some stores like Badong who does not give discount. Below are the things that I have bought from my trip.

Do not forget to visit the famous pizza and pasta restaurant “Arabela”, walking distance also from the “footwear store”. 

On April 26-May 1, 2011, they will celebrate Liliw Gat Tayaw Tsinelas Festival.

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  1. Gusto ko rin pumunta ng Liliw. Taga Laguna kasi mga tita ko tapos sabi nila madaming mura na magaganda na pwede bilhin dun. :)