February 07, 2012

Sunday Mishaps at the Airport

We had a great time in Laoag, Vigan, and Pagudpud except for last Sunday. There are some mishaps that really stressed me.  

1. After our half-day tour, we really don’t know where to go to kill time, we went back to the hotel and stayed in the lobby but we were so bored so past 2PM, we decided to go to the airport already. We asked first the hotel receptionist if Laoag airport is already open and she said yes. 

Off we went to the airport and we were so disappointed because it was still closed and we were the first passengers there. For the second time around, early bird na naman kami. We experienced this in our Puerto Princesa trip, after check-out we went to the airport for our past 2PM flight and the airport was closed. We waited for almost an hour.

We asked the airport staff what time it will be open and they said 3PM, so it’s fine with us because it’s less than 30 minutes before 3PM. But it didn’t happen; we waited till 4PM before they start the operation.

2. At the check-in counter, staff was asking for my son’s ID or copy of his birth certificate but I don’t have any. That was the first time, for the last 5 trips with my son, they never asked for ID or birth certificate.

3. Day before our flight I received a text and email. I thought that our flight was moved back to 5:50PM again. Our original flight is 5:50PM but a week before our flight, a customer service rep called to inform me that our flight will be delayed for 50 minutes and she sent my new itinerary. 

So I was really hoping that it was moved because we all want to go home early. But our flight was not moved back, it’s still 6:40PM. Unfortunately, the flight was delayed, and we boarded past 8PM. We had been waiting for almost 6 hours and good thing that there was a toddlers' play area where my son stayed for 4 hours.

4. I thought that was the last mishap but when we reached the parking lot, ayaw magstart ng car, discharged ang battery. I don’t know kung ano naiwan na nakabukas. My husband left to ask for some help and when he went back, may kasama ng airport janitors, 5 janitors tried to push our car, pero ayaw talaga magstart. I doubt if it will work, 4 days kaming wala. They tried it four times, they pushed our car back and forth, lawit na dila nila kakatulak but nothing happened. 

Then second option, they called someone for “jump start” but manong is asking for PHP1,500 so we declined. My husband told him, papadeliver na lang kami sa Motolite. But one airport janitor did not leave us and he went around asking kung sino willing magpajumpstart. Isang airport taxi driver ang pumayag and he said kami na bahala sa bayad. Thank God, after 1 hour and 30 minutes, nakaalis din kami parking lot. We’re home at exactly 12AM. Whew! What a day!


  1. A classic case of Murphy's Law. awww, these things happen, when it rains it pours. Pagtapos nyan sunod sunod na blessings naman.:)

  2. weird yung hiningan ka ng ID or birth certificate ng anak mo, ha. i had been traveling with the kiddos, most of which on international flights but i was never asked that requirement. tsk.tsk.

  3. ^taka din ako kasi same surname naman kami and hawig din name namin. =)

    blanca- true, pinagsama-sama in one day.

  4. awww... what a series of unfortunate events... anywayze, i often bring my son's ID and birth certificate wherever we go.

  5. Murphy's law. Tsk..tsk..tsk.. Godd to know you were able to arrive home safe. =)

    P.S. I love the airport a. Looks so nice and really fits the landscape. =)

  6. di talaga maiiwasan minsan sis,pero atleast nadelay man nakauwi pa din safe kahit kakapagod.grabe naman magpresyo si manong, P1500.hopefully sa mga upcoming trips,hassle-free na :)

  7. jo - korek sis, kaya nagdecline kami, kasi konting dagdag lang bagong battery na. =)

  8. sounds very hectic day dear!! atleast you made it! xx

  9. My girlfriend Ashlyn have been there I think last year and she told me that too. She have these experiences in the Philippines but she said it's worth it and want to come back again. Said she just have to remember these kinds of possible happenings in the end.

    Well, I do hope that you get to enjoy your trip!

  10. ^inspite of mishaps, we really enjoyed our trip. =)