March 03, 2012

Green Living

I’m pretty sure that we are all aware that our environment badly needs our help; we can no longer deny it because of climate change, global warming and different catastrophes that we’ve seen and experienced.

Sadly to say that not all people are practicing green living, I guess green living should no longer be a choice but it is a must for everyone. If we really want to improve our environment condition we should act now not only for our own benefits but for future generations. 

Green living is eliminating materialism, conserving energy, reducing waste, lowering consumption, recycling materials, supporting green projects and using organic products.

I’m trying my best to live a sustainable life and I’ll be sharing my little ways in helping our environment. 

1. I practice 3 R’s which is Reuse, Reduce and Recycle 

a. Reuse 

As much as possible we try to reuse some stuff in order to reduce waste and of course to eliminate buying new stuff. 

1. Plastic shopping bags use as a trash bag. 

2. I keep all paper bags for future use. 
3. I reuse bottles and containers of liquid soap, dishwashing soap, bathroom cleaner, and many more. I just buy refills. 
4. I reuse gift wrapper and gift boxes. 
5. I keep all paper bills, e-ticket, itinerary and other papers that we can use for my son’s artwork and scratch pad. I always make a scratch pad, see my sample here

b. Reduce 

Reducing our waste and practicing minimalist living

c. Recycle 

I segregate our trash, bottles, plastic containers, boxes, newspaper and any stuff that can be sold in a junkshop. We always go to the junkshop every month or if we already have more stuff to sell. 

We earn a minimum of P40 and our highest earning so far is P160. All earnings go to my son’s savings account via online banking. So in one year, he gets more or less P1000. 

2. Using Eco-bags 

I always have one in my bag. We are lucky that our city is very serious in helping our environment so we say no to plastics bags and straws.

3. Using Organic products 

Organic and natural products are now everywhere, I’ve tried Greencow, Ilog Maria and Human Nature products.

4. Using a rechargeable battery, CFL bulb, LED Christmas lights, energy saver, and other energy efficient appliances

5. Switching from paper bills to electronic billing 

I’ve been using electronic billing for our credit card, postpaid lines and I even stopped the SOA from our bank. Since there is no passbook, the bank sends monthly or quarterly Statement of Account so I request to stop mailing the SOA since I can check my balance online. 

6. If you have the budget, invest in solar panels so you can save more. 

Read: Energy Saving Tips

7. Lastly, always remember this when you travel. 

 “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time.” 

These are my little ways in helping the environment if you have additional tips, feel free to share.

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