May 05, 2015

Energy Savings Tips

It is no longer surprising if our electricity bill increase every summer and I am sure that all of us want to lower our electricity bill. We have read and tried so many energy savings tips but sometimes it is not enough especially if we often use electric fan, air cooler or aircon to minimize the heat.

Here are my energy saving tips that I really practice

1. No standby mode on our appliances. 
2. Appliances are unplugged if unused. 
3. Turn off all unused lights. 
4. Defrost the fridge every weekend. 
5. Wash in full load and minimize the use of spin dryer, air dry if possible. 
6. We also use power saver, I have this product since 2008 until now we are still using it. It really helps us to minimize our electricity consumption. 

But even we are doing our best to save on electricity but if there are always price increase per kwh, our electric bill is still high. Our electric bill goes up to 200 - 300% increase every summer so it really hurts the budget. 

My husband installed solar panel in our house last March, it was a big decision because it is not cheap to install one. But I’m blessed to have a husband who can do it so labor is free. We also have solar lamp outside so even we’re not at home, our house is well lighted. 

We’ve been contemplating about it since last year but so far we have no regrets in investing in solar panel because we received our bill last March and April and there was really a decrease in our electric bill. 

We’re also starting to replace old appliances into more energy efficient one.

Care to share your energy saving tips.


  1. We should be taking advantage of the power of the sun. I hope I can afford solar panels one day. How expensive is it?

  2. How much sis? I am also thinking on investing in solar panel. And where did you buy pala yun solar lamps? We have power saver too and nakakatuwa kahit magbake kami halos same lang ang bill namin.

  3. @kat and mommy maye - the 2 solar panel is around P60k excluding the installation materials + labor.

    My husband made the solar lamp, he bought the materials and assembled it. I think we spent around P4500 per lamp/light.

  4. Wow, congratulations on taking this step! I've also been wanting to explore options for us to go solar. I really think it's the right way to go, harness the power of the sun hehe :)

  5. We also have a solar panel, and it does save on the electricity bill. Do you have a battery for the solar lamp?

  6. This is so awesome Sis! and I have to agree to all the things mention above. Little things help, just by unplugging the appliances when unused. Thanks for sharing:)

  7. I agree to all the tips mentioned. Thanks for sharing..

  8. How much is your bill and how much did you saved? I should consider this in getting a new home.

    1. We're only using the solar panel half of the day because only the solar lamp has battery.

      Our bill last April 2014 was P3472.97 and this year April 2015 is P2,699.69. I'm sill waiting for May because our bill last year was P4700+.

  9. Solar panels are sure expensive sis, I wish I can afford that. Anyway, in our part of the country electricity is usually high during summer because mostly power suppliers are diesel/bunker operated. Hydroelectric plants are usually inefficient during hot season because of low water elevation of water dams just what is happening now in Mindanao. Rotational brownout yet expensive electricity.. if only solar panels are less expensive many will be able to take advantage of it usefulness.