March 02, 2012

How to Make Money Online

It is no secret here that I’m a full-time mom, I resigned when I got pregnant, my pregnancy is not easy and we’re afraid to lose the baby again so I resigned. Of course, NO WORK = NO SALARY, so I searched the internet for possible opportunities if I can make money online.

1. Online Business

I started with my online shop using Multiply (does not exist anymore), I sell some whitening soap, organic products and even pre-loved stuff of my son.  I stopped this business when we moved to our new house. 

2. Online Jobs
I was a ghostwriter for 8 months but I also stopped because it’s too stressful for me. It is not easy to write articles, take care of my son and do household chores. Like I said before, stress is not good for my health. I also noticed that I spent more hours in front of my computer than playing with my son.  

But if you like writing, this is a nice way to earn, all you need is your laptop, internet connection, and writing skills. 

3. Answer Surveys

Yes, you can earn money by just answering surveys. Every time you answer a survey, you will earn points and once you reach the minimum, you can exchange your points to cash, gift card and more.

4. Create a Blog or Website
One week after I resigned, I created this blog and the rest is history. I know that I can make money through blogging because I know someone who is earning big time but I’m still in the process of researching and learning. You can earn through ads, sponsored posts, paid insert links, product reviews, collaboration,  or other blog opportunities.

As of now, I’m happy sharing pieces of my life in my blog but of course I’m also happy when I received an email for some income opportunities but like I said it is not that much. So if you know how to make money online, I’d love to hear that. I tried paid to click services but unfortunately, I did not get anything so beware, there are scammers.


  1. hi michi, i did some ghostwriting,too and it was quite stressful having to submit on a daily basis. it was good for awhile but like you, i need to prioritize my kiddos, too:-).

    1. not only that, sometimes you'ré not yet finish with your deadlines then they will send you another one then urgent daw. =)

  2. I am not one to give your advice on this kasi I really don't have time to venture on this though I'd want to. But have you tried Google Affliate? I got an email from a company about being an affliate and I accepted. I started reading about it and it looks promising, so try it. Then check out - again, I don't have much time so I am not able to sign up with their promos but there are opportunities that they pay as much as 80$ for one blog article if you are chosen... I know one blogger that gets a lot from this so go ahead and check it :) If I hear more from other bloggers with first hand experience on getting profits similar to this I'll be sure to let you know!

    Spanish Pinay

  3. i don't have adsense so i'm not qualified in google affiliate but i'll check clever girls. thanks for this! =)

  4. I tried making money online and earned big but as of now i stopped because of schooling. Yes scammers are everywhere now. Good thing haven't tried it pa. For the blogging i'm still noob too about earning but enjoying blogging for the mean time :)

  5. OW.. How I love this Michi! Yes we can do this! We will walk on the fields of gold literally waiting money while sleeping.

  6. I wish I was good at writing coz it'll be great to earn money through blogging. But I limit the time I spend in front of my computer. I sometimes write my posts on my phone using an app kasi gusto ko when I get home I have more time with Poj.
    But if I do hear of anything I'll let you know =)
    Good luck sis =)

  7. Galing mo sis you lasted for 8 months. Ako I only lasted for a week lang yata. Di rin kinaya ng powers ko since I was a volunteer nurse that time.

    1. stressful talaga sis especially for me na trying hard na maging writer, hehe! unlike dito sa blog, hindi ganun kastress, basta may free time, go lang. no deadline and pressure! =)

  8. me too! baka may pagasa pa. i need help and tips:)