August 21, 2013

Let's Face It: Eyebrow Threading

My first experience of eyebrow threading was seven years ago, in preparation of my wedding. At that time I have no idea about threading so I was not prepared, it was really painful and my tears just began to flow.

It took me years to try it again, last week we went to Let’s Face It for eyebrow threading P150. According to Wikipedia, threading is an ancient method of hair removal which originates in Eastern world but gained popularity in Western countries. A thin thread is doubled, twisted and rolled over areas of unwanted hair.

Fortunately, with my second experience, the pain was tolerable and no more tears. 


1. It is not painful as I expected. Kudos to the staff.


1. There’s no privacy, no room or curtain to separate you from other customers bed.

A repost from my old blog Mrs Ugly Duckling

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