September 09, 2013

How to Get and Renew Happyplus Card

How to Get Happyplus Card

Jollibee staffs went to school, they gave us some flyers and convincing us to avail the Happy Plus Card and I was sold. I paid P100 for the card. The card includes one-time discount coupons.

P50 off Jollibee Coupon
P50 off Chowking Coupon
P50 off Greenwich Coupon
P100 off Red Ribbon Coupon

Happyplus Card is JFC’s loyalty card that rewards members to earn points every time they eat in Jollibee, Chowking, Greenwich and Red Ribbon. Membership is valid for three years from the date of application. P100 for the renewal fee.

You have to take care of the card because it is good as cash. If you lost it, points and load will be lost as well. If the card is damaged, points and load will be forfeited.

Card Benefits

1. Earn points when you use your card and you can use the points to get free food. P50 = 1 point, 1 point = P1.

2. Register and reload for a chance to win up to P100,000 every month til December 2013.

P100 = 1 raffle entry
P300 = 5 raffle entries
P500 = 10 raffle entries
P1000 = 25 raffle entries

3. Cashless Payment System

No need for cash or wait for change. Just tap the happyplüs card to pay for your food. When you run out of load, simply reload your card for a minimum of P 100.

I’m planning to use this card for my son’s birthday. 

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Update: March 2017

How to Renew Happyplus Card

I received an email notifying me that my Happy Plus card is about to expire and gave me the steps on how to renew my card. 

As of March 1, you still have a remaining balance of: 


Your happyload and happypoints can be transferred to your new card once you renew.

Happyplüs Renewal Envelopes 

1. Go to any participating Jollibee store and buy a new Happyplüs Card for P100. 
2. Ask for a Renewal Envelope at the Cashier. 
3. Completely fill-out the Envelope, place the expired Happyplüs Card inside and submit to the store.
4. Processing Period is 15 days from the date of submission. 
5. The cardholder will receive SMS Notification when happyload and happypoints are ready for HP Transfer. 

Happyplüs Renewal Devices 

1. Go to selected Jollibee stores with Renewal Devices. 
2. See the list of selected Jollibee stores here
3. Buy a new Happyplüs Card for P100. 
4. Request to transfer your balance from the Old card to the new card and surrender your old card to the store. 
Note: Available at selected stores only. Applicable before the expiration date. 

Happyplüs Online Renewal

1. Buy a new Happyplüs Card for P100. 
2. Log in to your account at 
3. Go to My Accounts and click on Card Renewal. 
4. Fill up the necessary details and click on Submit. 
5. After 48 hours, go to any participating store and request for HP Transfer/HP Charge. 
Note: Applicable after the expiration date.

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