April 03, 2014

Cupcakes by Sonja

The first time I tried Cupcakes by Sonja was year 2007, my college friends and I had reunion in Serendra. Back then it was quite new and was really popular because I think it is the first cupcake store in the Philippines. I bought three different cupcakes which I can’t remember the names anymore before going home. #pasalubongforhubby

Fast forward to March 20, I bought Cookie Monster Cupcake P90 because my son was already hungry and we’re still looking for restaurant where to eat our dinner. At the counter, the cashier asked me if I have P10 so I checked my wallet, at the same time my son was talking to me then suddenly I heard

Cashier: “hay, ayaw sumagot” (sharp tone)

Waah, can’t she wait and can’t she see that I was checking my wallet. First time to experience this, so I gave her the P10, get the box and left. #feelingirritated. Ako lang naman customer niya, nagmamadali masyado. #poorcustomerservice

While waiting for our food in Nanbantei of Tokyo, I’ll let my son eat the cupcake and after two bites he said “Mommy, ayaw na”.

My son loves dessert, remember our Vanilla Cupcake Bakery experience, ayaw nga pashare. Of course, I ate the leftover and understood why my son didn’t like it. It is overly sweet, as in too sweet for our taste even without the frosting.