April 22, 2014

Buco Tart

Though we frequently visit Tagaytay, we don’t always visit pasalubong store especially if we are always in a hurry to go home or if we don’t want to eat sweets. We love buying Spanish Bread from Sonya’s Garden, Cassava Cake or Sylvannas from Rowena’s and Tawilis from vendor outside Rowena’s. But we haven’t tried buco tart or maybe because I’m not fond of buko pie.

When we went to Stilts Calatagan, we went home early because my friend wanted to buy buco tart. We went to Amira’s Buco Tart but unfortunately all tarts were sold out so we went to Loumars.

I bought 1 box for P160, one box contains 9 pieces of buco tart. I tried it and I love it because it is not sweet and you can really taste the buco. Now, I prefer buco tart than buko pie because it is smaller. #madalingkainin

Then last Good Friday, I went back to Amira’s Buco Tart to try their famous buco tart that was featured in Kris TV. One box is P170 for 9 pieces of buco tart. I tried it and I liked it too. Honestly, I can’t tell the difference except for the price. Hehehe!


  1. I prefer the tarts too, coz of the crumble on top. I usually buy from Rowena's. Amiras is good too, but i have yet to try Loumar's :)

  2. Patikimin mo ko nyan paguwi ko:)