May 26, 2014

K5 Learning Review

Summer vacation and no activities at all are not good, I can see that my son is getting bored in the house. We still have our own activity every day, I let him answer all the pages in his school books but I know that it is not enough to keep him busy so I enrolled him in Summer Class for six weeks (2 hours a day). No swimming lesson this year and we’re still contemplating if we will enroll him in Karate Class. Aside from that, I took advantage of this K5 Learning Free Trial offer.

I've been given a 6-week free trial to test and write a review of their program. K5 is an online reading and math program for kids from kindergarten through grade 5. It will help kids in building reading, math, and study skills through independent study. K5 is designed for home use and can be used for after-school, weekend, and summertime supplemental study or in conjunction with a homeschooling program. If you’re not a blogger, you can also try their two weeks free trial here. Registering is easy and no credit card is required so rest assured that it is really free.

My son immediately tried the lesson using the iPad and it was not working so I emailed them regarding my concern and they replied immediately that K5 is not working with a tablet or iPad, because we’re so excited to try we forgot to read the FAQ’s.

I let my son use my laptop so he can access the lesson and of course, I was there to supervise him because he doesn’t know how to use my computer. I have to teach him the basics. I checked the lessons too and after two days I requested an assessment because I feel that the lessons are too easy for my five-year-old son. My son took the assessment so they will know what appropriate lessons to be assigned.


I like K5 Learning because it is so easy to use, my five-year-old son did not have a hard time studying while I’m doing something. The programs are engaging and exciting because sometimes there are bonus games after lessons. The lessons are structured and goal-oriented and sometimes my son will get more rhyming lessons if he is not yet familiar with them before moving to the next lesson.

My son did not only enhance his reading and math skills but he also learned how to use the computer. At first, he will just click the monitor of my laptop to answer all lessons (thank God for a touchscreen laptop) but before the end of six weeks, he learned how to use the mouse and even type the answer using the keyboard. (Math lesson).

He also learned how to listen and follow instructions. He needs to listen first so he knows what to do with the activity. Even though I’m not supervising him, I can see my son's progress by checking the reports. I noticed that my son loves Math more than English. He is good in all areas of Math compared to English.


My son did not like the Spelling lessons and Math Facts, he is having a hard time spelling words like ‘’They” and “Them”. Maybe my five-year-old son prefers to spell words with pictures like animals, things, places, or words that he is more familiar with.

My son doesn’t like Math Facts because there’s a time limit and speed is needed so even though he knows the answer, the result is not good because he is so slow in typing the answer. Of course, my five-year-old son is not familiar with the keyboard. The lesson is simple, 1+1, 1+8, 1+5, and I know my son knows the answer because he will shout the answer while looking at the numbers on the keyboard.

My son is not familiar with US money so he had a hard time answering the questions (assessment).

Overall, I do recommend K5 Learning if you want to enhance your kid’s reading and math skills. If you want additional lessons or activities during school or summer vacation. Click here if you want to subscribe to their lessons.  I like their free worksheets which make my life easier. I download and print it so my son can answer more exercises.

We only have a few days left to enjoy the summer vacation because next Monday my son will go to school already. They’ll be having 4 days of orientation for new students so we’re indeed back to school.


  1. Great idea! Now may I try this for my 3 year old which I will be sending to school next school year

  2. Nice! Never heard of K5 before, but I think that enrolling our kids in programs like this one that enhance reading and math really pay off. I had my son take Galileo before, and when he finally moved to big school, he was a lot more advanced than the other kids. :) We didn't have a hard time adjusting at all.

  3. Nice tool to help kids learn at home too! Would you know if they have any for 3 year olds?

  4. While I think this is a nice way to teach kids from home, I really still prefer the traditional method--which does not require gadgets. I guess it's a matter of preference for the parents and children.

  5. We were also given a chance to review K5 Learning too. Glad to know it worked for your son. My son is also having problems because he's not used to using a laptop. He's only 3 years old. It really would be great if they can develop an app for Android and Apple devices.

  6. My daughter likes K5 learning. Four more weeks then, it's my turn hehehehe.

  7. Thanks for sharing. I will let my daughter try K5 Learning.

  8. I hope they can develop this for mobile devices.

  9. Using technology for learning -- always the best way!

  10. I'll let my son try this when he's a little older. :)