May 28, 2014

Day Trip at Legoland Malaysia

I was really busy and I can’t believe that I haven’t posted our Legoland Malaysia experience. Anyway, we visited this place last February because my son loves Lego and we even watched the Lego movie before our trip, #everythingisawesome 

Prior to the trip, I’ve made my research on how to get to Legoland Malaysia from Singapore. There are a lot of pieces of information but I decided to avail coach transfer from WTS Travel Agency. Actually, you can book your tickets online but I decided to buy the ticket when we get there.

Update: But if ever we will go back to Legoland, I will book our ticket at Klook

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After our breakfast, we went to WTS at Singapore Flyer but we missed the 9:30AM trip so we have to wait for the last bus trip which is 10:30AM. It is better if you buy the package because it is much cheaper but since I still have Malaysian Ringgit, I just avail the coach transfer at SGD20 per person (Round Trip). 

The travel time is around 1 hour and 30 minutes including the two immigration stops in Singapore and Johor Bahru. Finally, we reached our destination. We bought the ticket first, they also accept Singapore Dollar so no need to exchange money if you came from Singapore. We paid in SGD and RM. 

Legoland Malaysia Entrance Ticket 

RM140 -adult
RM110 - child 
SGD56 - adult 

Click here for the video

We arrived just in time for lunch so I immediately checked the map to locate the food shops but my son was so excited to check the theme park so we checked the Lego City Zone first. My son tried the Junior Driving School and we rode the boat in Boating School. Then we convinced him that we should eat our lunch first and with a heavy heart, he followed us to the Market Restaurant.

My husband ordered Roast Chicken and Fish and Chips at RM28 each, the meal includes soup and soda. I shared my meal with my son.

After lunch we moved to Lego Technic Zone, we tried the Technic Twister and Aquazone Wave Racers. My husband rode Project X while my son enjoyed the Water SplashWe can’t take the heat so we went inside the Lego Mindstorms and Lego Academy

Next stop is Lego Kingdom Zone, my son wanted to play in The Forestmen’s Hideout but my husband convinced my son to join him in Dragon’s Apprentice. It was a roller coaster and my son was so scared when I checked their picture. My husband and son were shouting all throughout the ride so they decided not to ride the “The Dragon”

My son rode the Royal Joust and we tried the Merlin’s Challenge. 

We moved to Imagination Zone, where my son and husband played lego in Build and Test and rode the Kid Power Towers. We also watched Lego movie in Lego StudioAfter the movie, we walked to the Land of Adventure Zone and tried the Pharaoh’s Revenge and Lost Kingdom Adventure

The last stop is the Miniland Zone, where you can see famous landmarks in different Asian Cities, these landscapes are built out of Lego. #amazing.

Of course, we rode the Legoland Express Train and kiddie train for my son

Our last activity for the day is this. #maslalokaminapagod. 

We finished the tour in a few hours and we spent the remaining time eating and checking the Big Shop. We bought some souvenirs and rest while waiting for our bus. 

Note: During our trip, the place was not crowded so no long lines and sometimes we were the only people on the ride. It was really hot so we spent a lot of money buying drinks. I live in a tropical country but still, I can’t take the heat so I suggest you visit this place in the colder months, maybe December or January. #limitedshade Bring extra clothes, umbrella, cap and face towel.

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  1. Would love to bring my son there. He loves Lego!

  2. Grabe! Tiring, but memorable experience:)

  3. I love the Pharaoh and Einstein! What a very exciting place to bring our kids to! :)

  4. I love Lego! We would definitely take our Rafa there when he's old enough to appreciate it.

  5. It is such a nice place, right. Kids will be over the moon looking at the toys.

  6. I hope to bring my kids there someday. My son would love to ride that fire truck!

  7. My little boy really, really wants to go to Legoland. I hope that I can give him this trip as a gift soon.

  8. WOW!!!:) I'd like to see that as well, though Im not a collector of Lego I find it such an amazing toy because it really builds imagination and creativity.:)

  9. I wish I could visit Legoland next year with my family.

  10. Planning to go there too! Thanks for sharing, makes us more excited :-)

  11. Is there an age limit or requirement for the rides and activities? I want to bring my boys here. Is there a nearby hotel? Or is there a hotel inside the theme park?

    1. Yes, just like in other theme parks there is height requirement but there are so many rides and activities for kids. :) Legoland Hotel is beside the theme park. :)