July 09, 2014

Yakult Light

Yakult is part of my childhood days, I always buy Yakult in our suki lady who pushes Yakult cart every morning when I still live in Manila. At that time Yakult is only P2. Hehehe! I was lucky that I was able to visit their factory in Laguna when I was in grade 5 because it is part of our field trip.

Until now Yakult is part of our life, it is always included in my grocery list because we love it. In fact, it is my son’s every day baon in school, Yakult + Water for his drinks. Two weeks ago I saw Yakult light in the grocery so I tried it. 

Hubby: Bakit Yakult Light? 
Me: Para less calories. 
Hubby: Di naman need ni Ethan ng less calories. 
Me: Bakit si Ethan lang ba umiinom ng Yakult sa bahay? 

Honestly, the difference is very unnoticeable from the original Yakult. The taste is still the same, just a little bit less sweet. Actually, my husband said, “pareho lang ng lasa”. hehehe! From now on, I will buy Yakult light because it is less calories and zero fat. Yakult Light is P50 for 5 bottles.


  1. I like this Yakult too, but it's not light. The children here at the house love to drink everyday.

  2. This is good news as I drink Yakult too as it keeps my tummy clean and healthy.

  3. I didn't know there's Yakult "Light" na pala! I'm a big fan of Yakult, and I've treasured the years when I always bought Yakult from a Yakult lady near our house. Sadly though, wala na masyadong Yakult ladies lately. It's part of the novelty pa naman.

  4. I've seen Yakult Light from the grocery but I was really hesitant to try it kasi baka iba ang taste.

  5. I grew up with Yakult too. I don't mind splurging on it since Yakult aids in my digestion. There are other brands but nothing beats the original. Nice to know it comes in less sugar.