July 08, 2014

Transformers Age of Extinction and More

Honestly, I’m not really a fan of Transformers because I prefer romantic-comedy, drama, or real-life story movies. I was able to watch Transformers 1, 2, 3 on TV, and my son liked it. That’s why he enjoyed the Transformers The Ride in Universal Studio Singapore.  

My husband’s office has Movie Block Screening so we took advantage of the free movie yesterday at SM Aura. The movie will start at 7PM so we still have time to eat.

It was my first time in SM Aura so I don’t know where to eat. I saw Bono Artisanal Gelato so finally, I tried it. I bought 1 scoop of Malted Cookie Dough P130 because my companions were not interested. It is quite expensive but when you taste the gelato, you will understand why. Every bite is rich in flavor, the texture is so smooth, and plus factor yung hindi tinipid ang ingredients. 

Then we had dinner in Food on Four, my husband wanted pizza so he just ordered at Sbarro but I wanted to try something new so my husband ordered 1 Beef Set P190 in Teppanyaki Brothers, the set includes rice, miso soup, veggies and the beef. The interesting part is you can see how they cook your order. Well, the taste is just ok, pwede na. I shared my food with my son who is not in the mood to eat.

Back to the topic, I’ve heard and read not-so-good reviews about Transformers 4 but I liked this movie compared to the 3 movies. The only thing that I don’t like is that it is too long. It is an almost three-hour movie and I feel that they can remove unnecessary scenes.


  1. pareho tayo... The movie was too long, I was already sleepy and my baby was kicking sa dami ng action scenes. :)

    1. Kami din antok na kasi 8PM tulog na dapat kami. lol.