October 31, 2014

Cutting Practice

A couple of weeks ago, I was cutting stickers and tags and my son asked me 

Ethan: What are you doing mommy? 

Me: I’m cutting paper, do you want to help? 
Ethan: No, puputol yan e, sisira. 
Me: Do you want to cut paper? 
Ethan: Yes. 

So I gave him the cutting practice activity that I printed before and it seems that he enjoyed it. 

I realized that maybe this is the best time to practice his cutting skills. I admit that I don’t allow him to use scissors because I don’t want him to cut anything or to hurt himself. I posted two years ago that my son cut our bed sheet and I don’t want that to happen again. See my post here.  

All his assignments or projects that need cutting, I do it for him. He can do the pasting but not the cutting. But I know that he needs to learn to cut because next year, he will be in Grade 1 so he needs to be independent. 

Little did I know that scissor cutting is very essential in preschool activities and it is considered pre-handwriting skills. Kaya pala ang ganda ganda ng sulat ng anak ko. lol I wish I knew this before so wala ng comment ang teacher na “practice writing”. 

I've read that 2 years old can start cutting paper. According to ot-mom-learning-activities.com “Scissor cutting, with a proper scissor grasp, will give these fingers (the thumb, forefinger and middle finger) lots of practice in working together, and will strengthen your child’s hand muscles. This will help to improve fine motor skills and to develop the correct pencil grasp for good handwriting” 

Naubusan ng yellow ink, iba na kulay ng pumpkin. lol

I search for more cutting practice worksheets and printed it so he has something to do this sembreak. So far, he can cut straight lines, zigzag and curved lines. From now on, we will cut more papers. 

Note: I always used scratch paper to print worksheets. I also gave him plastic so he can clean his mess. 

Click here to check the free cutting practice worksheets.


  1. I think this is a good idea as my kids find it challenging to cut paper in a precise manner.

  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing this mommy. My 9 month old daughter naman, she loves to hold a pen as in pag hawak na nya di na nya bibitawan and take note nabubuksan pa nya yung takip.. I think I need to teach her how to use scissors pag 2 years old na sya.. :)

  3. Superlike :p 9 months din ang anak ko, like Rackell's. Excited na ako sa scissor skills, pre-writing, etc! Thanks for sharing! And I love the incidental learning that happened when your son was just asking about what you were doing. Galing, Mommy Michi! :D

  4. When my kids were younger I bought them scissors that are made to practice fine motor skills. Maybe you can look for one so you can have your son practice on it.:)

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I will look for one. :)

  5. I will have to try this. My son likes cutting with scissors and I'm quite liberal with him using it. I just have to watch him and make sure to give him lots of papers. This time, I'll try making him cut through a line or pattern.

  6. I'm scared to let my 3-year-old cut anything but maybe it's the right time to teach him how to use scissors properly. I'm going to search for cutting worksheet too! :)

    1. I have link on my post for free cutting worksheet. :)

  7. Naku! Scissors. Hahahaha! Sana may lakas na din ako ng loob na pahawakin ng scissors ang baby ko pag 2yrs old na. Baka kasi mauna akong mahimatay eh. But I guess they have those toddler-friendly scissors eh. Parang hindi gaano matalim. I'm sure I saw one sa National Bookstore.