October 02, 2014

Teacher’s Day Gift

Teacher’s Day is just an ordinary day for me when I was a student, in fact, I can’t even remember if I ever gave a gift to my teachers. I just always think na baka sabihin sipsip ako so I don’t give anything. But when I became a mom and started tutoring my son, I realized how hard it is to be a teacher. 

I started giving small gifts to my son’s teacher when he was in Nursery to show our appreciation for teaching our son. I give chocolates or school supplies. Yesterday, I just put some school supplies and card in a box, wrapped them, and put a sticker. 

Happy Teacher's Day!


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  1. sweet! my way of thanking our teachers naman at our local elementary school was a zumba party for them! personalized presents are always the sweetest!

  2. I missed giving gift to my daughter's teacher because I didn't know when teacher's day was.. Kaloka!

  3. Sweet. I remember, we used to give 1 rose to our teachers on teacher's day. Bibili kami magkakaklase for our teachers.

  4. I try to make handmade gifts for teacher's day, coz I totally understand how tough that job is. I really want to make an effort to make my son's teachers feel appreciated.