February 16, 2015

How Did You Spend Your Valentine’s Day?

Last week I was planning where are we going to celebrate our Valentine’s day because that it also our 12 years anniversary as a couple. But none of my lists materialized. I was thinking to join my husband business trip in Bacolod because we have no classes for 4 days due to “Educational Congress” but since the trip was just overnight it is not practical to spend for plane ticket. 

Day before Valentine’s day, I sew drawstring pouch again, this will serve as a treat bag or envelope where my son will put his Valentine’s card. For the last few years, we’ve been receiving cards such as Mother’s Day, Christmas card and Valentine’s card because that is part of my son’s school/summer class activity but since we have no classes, I know that we won’t be receiving any card so I told my son to make card for his daddy. 

After dinner, we painted the drawstring pouch and my son said “Mommy, faster! Daddy is coming home”. Hehehe But my husband texted me that his flight was delayed so I know we have more time to prepare. 

I printed a card with funny messages and I had a hard time choosing one. In the end, I chose this message “There's nobody I'd rather lay in bed and look at my phone with” It is funny but true, most of the time we will lie in bed side by side and our focus is on our phones. So I told my husband that we should change that.

I also printed this love quest survey and favorite questionnaire, like I said, we’re celebrating our 12 years and many things have changed so it is nice to get to know each other again. 

I waited for my husband’s pasalubong/Valentine’s gift and he came past 12AM, just in time for Valentine’s Day so we ate Calea blueberry cheesecake before going to bed. My husband knew that I don’t like flowers so he already stopped giving me flowers. 

And because napuyat ako, I was really lazy to go out on Valentine’s Day. My husband wanted to go to Nuvali for the Nightsky Cinema but I chose to stay at home and rest. 

There’s nothing special on our Valentine’s day but one thing I like in this celebration is we “Spend less and love more”. We have simple celebration and gift but it is also nice to know more about my husband. I enjoyed reading the love quest survey. 

Click to get the printables. 

Funny Valentine’s Card

Valentine’s Card 
Love Quest Survey/Questionnaire 
Be my Valentine Card


  1. haha I love the funny message sis~ I do that too even when I'm around people. We really should make a mental note to be in the moment.

  2. I love simple celebration too. We went to SM naman to buy the printer then we went straight home and have dinner. It's the usual thing and I agree, it's for more love.

  3. My husband had to go out on Valentine's day itself, so I just stayed home with my kids. We did their homework, nothing special.

  4. I spent my Valentine's Day with my family. My husband is an OFW, so we have a different kind of celebration. I think spending time with your loved ones no matter where is precious. What would I give up to be with my hubby not only on Valentine's Day but every day.

  5. I felt nostalgic when I saw the drawstring bags! I used to make these when I was younger and give them as gifts too!

  6. I spent my Valentines Day with my family and kids. It was a fun filled day. BTW, the bags are super cute and the cake is so delicious.: