February 02, 2015

Our Experience at DFA NCR South (Alabang)

Last January 8, 2015 I booked DFA appointment online  because all our passports are expired. We’re scheduled on January 31, 2015 at 1:30PM at DFA South. I chose this location since we live in South area. 

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We were at the DFA South at 12:45NN, at the escalator, the guard will check your form before you can go up on the 4th floor. There are chairs available there where you can wait depending on your schedule, I saw 1PM, 1:30PM and 2PM waiting area but the guard allowed us to go inside the office even it is not our time yet because there are vacant chairs. The guard checked our forms and my bag and she told us to proceed to the guy in checkered polo. 

The staff scanned our form and asked me few questions like how old is my son? If I have an extra copy of my application form and If we have a photocopy of our documents. He attached the number and told us to proceed to window 7. Our number was 8045 and at that time they are still serving number 8040. I noticed that there are different lines for a single application and family application/senior citizens. 

When our number was called, I submitted all the documents needed. 

Our documents. 

1. Application form 

2. Original Passport 
3. Photocopy of 1st and last page of the passport 
4. Photocopy of valid ID, (I photocopy 2 valid ID’s) 

My son documents 

1. Application form 

2. Original Passport 
3. Photocopy of 1st and last page of the passport 
4. Photocopy of his school ID 
5. NSO Birth certificate 
6. Photocopy of our (parents) passport. 
7. Photocopy of our marriage certificate (it was returned to me) 

After signing, we went to the cashier to pay. P1200 each because it was a Saturday schedule so all application is considered a rush order

Then we showed our number to the guard and he pointed to wait in one corner, there were only 4 chairs in that area. I noticed the family na nauna sa min nagpapicture na so feeling ko I’m on the right lane. After that, the family told us na kami na daw. 

After our picture taking and fingerprint scan, we’re done already, time check 1:30PM. We’re so happy because we finished everything in 45 minutes. I don’t know if that is the usual scenario or it just happened that there were few applicants. 

I still remember when we renewed our passport in DFA-ASEANA, it was a family application and the guard instructed us to go to this floor for the family application. I paid P1200 each, because in that room every application is considered rush order too. 

After that, we got our number for the picture and my nightmare starts. Imagine I have a special lane for processing our application but no special lane for the picture even my son was 1 yr old only. Special lane is only for seniors, pregnant and 12 months below kid only. (pag lagpas ng 12 months ayaw)

We skipped lunch and nakatulog na lang anak ko so nung turn na namin, wala sa mood magpapicture and sasabihan pa ko ng staff na bumalik na lang bukas. No way, 3 hours kami naghintay tapos pababalikin pa kami. I told the staff na babalik kami pag nasa mood na anak namin. Hinintay lang namin matapos yung pinaprocess niya and sumunod na kami ulit. #stress It took us more than 4 hours just to finish.

Update: My husband claimed our passport, I provided "letter of authorization" so he can claim our passport (my son and I). Bring receipt to claim.  


  1. I had a stress-free time at DFA in Butuan, too. But it was always like that. We're lucky.

  2. I renewed my passport March last year in DFA CDO, unlike others who went there very early like (1am or so), I went there at 8am, gave my application to the guard and was told to come back by 1pm. Before 1PM I was there waiting and actually went inside the office at 1PM and 3 hours later, I'm done. I do not know if the DFA in Centrio Mall already have online appointment, I hope meron na. hubby needs to renew his passport na rin. Our kids have no passport pa, soon we'll get them na rin. For now we don't have plans to go abroad with the kids yet, we only need our passports just in case there are trainings abroad.