July 28, 2015

Some Tips Before Traveling to Italy

Italy is a place where everybody will find something to love. It is such an amazing place that you will probably want to return again and again, and you will still discover new things each time. Indeed, the wide variety of Globus Tours to Italy shows just how many options are out there. However, as with any country, you do need to know a few things about local customs and laws to get the most out of your visit.

General Tips 

1. Museums and many other tourist attractions do not allow photography.

2. Do not walk around in your bikini or other beachwear. 
3. While there are now many multi-region DVDs, if you are bringing discs with you, they may not work. 
4. Italian stores don’t often allow you to return things, so make sure everything is in order before you pay for something. 
5. Some stores do not let you try their clothes on.
6. Italy is not very accessible for people in wheelchairs. 
7. The central and northern beaches in Italy allow topless sunbathing. Most beaches in the south do not. 
8. Most hotels do not have pools and very few programs on television are in English. 

Health and Safety 

1. Everything you eat is likely to contain olive oil and wine. These are laxatives, so be aware of that. 

2. The emergency telephone number is 113. 
3. The Italian word for ‘help’ is ‘aiuto’ (pronounced ay-you-toe). 
4. Crime levels in Italy are low, but larger cities see their fair share of purse-snatchers and pickpockets. 
5. Try not to drink tap water, as it contains a lot of chlorine. 

Dining Out

1. It is uncommon to ask a restaurant to make changes to whatever is on their menu, like fries instead of rice. 

2. Ask for the check when you are ready to go.
3. A very small service charge is sometimes added to your final bill, but a cash tip is more common. 
4. Breakfast tends to be about 8am, lunch about 1pm and dinner around 9pm.
5. You can buy and consume alcohol anywhere at any time, regardless of your age. 
6. Restaurants don’t have kids’ menus. Ask for a half a portion instead. 

Holidays and Opening Times

1. Banks tend to only be open in the morning until 1.30pm. 

2. Churches are usually open on the morning and after around 4pm till about 6pm. 
3. Most museums close on Monday. 
4. Lunchtime means shops close. This is usually between 1pm and 3.30pm. Most shops are also closed on Sunday, as it is a Catholic country. 
5. Don’t go to Italy in August if you can avoid it, because most Italians are on vacation then, meaning almost everything is shut. 
6. Some of the main holidays aside from Christmas, New Year and Easter include January 6 Epiphany, April 25 Liberation Day, May 1 May Day, June 2 Festival of the Republic, November 1 Farragosto, November 1 All Saints Day, December 8 Immaculate Conception and December 26 Feast of St Stephen.


  1. Great tips! Italy is in my bucketlist. Hopefully I can visit soon.

  2. Thank you for sharing your tips. Italy is one of the places in my bucket list.