October 15, 2015

Super Duper Birthday Party Personalized Book

I’ve been checking Look It’s About Me site for the last two years because I wanted to order a personalized book for my son. But my son is not a bookworm so I’m not really sure if he will like this book. The price is expensive for my budget so I want to make sure that it is worth it. 

Finally, last month I saw their 15% off promo so I decided to order a “Super Duper Birthday Party” book for his 7th birthday. I placed the order last September 19, 2015 and I’m hoping that it will be delivered before his birthday. I inquired last Oct 1, 2015 regarding the status and they informed me that it was already delivered last September 30, 2015. But unfortunately, it was delivered after my son’s birthday. I don’t know why it took them (Xend) 5 days to deliver the book, Makati to Cavite, ang tagal lang. 

Anyway, my son was surprised to see the package after he arrived from school. He liked the book and it is also a great souvenir for his 7th birthday. It is a personalized book so you can see his name “Ethan” on every page of the book.

This is also a nice gift this coming Christmas. Aside from the personalized book, you can order a personalized clock, placemat, card, coloring book, and many more. For more information, just visit their site. You can do a book tour also so you will have an idea of the story, look and feel of the book. 

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  1. This is really nice for birthday's and even Christmas gift. I love that its personalized and I'm sure kids amazed how cool the book is. Thanks for this great gift idea Sis

  2. the pages look incredible and definitely eye-catching for kids!

  3. I want to order this one for a long time but he still not yet into books he loves to color and write and read his text books pa. Buti na lang your son loves it

  4. This is awesome! I might check this out. :)